NTC Online: Church History

NTC Online: Church History

This course delivers accessible learning, through the use of video, online discussion, and readings, offering anyone the opportunity to learn about the two-thousand year history of the Church, century by century.

About the Course

NTC Online is an exciting new initiative, designed for persons who have an interest in learning more about the Bible, theology, church history, or ministry, but do not have the time, nor the need, to pursue a degree-level qualification*. Delivered by our own NTC Faculty, NTC online provides an opportunity for learning wherever you are and at your own pace. These video-based courses will inspire, challenge and deepen your faith and understanding.

NTC Online: Church History is the first fully-online course offered by NTC. This course is delivered by one of our lecturers in Church History, Revd Dr Joseph Wood. Here is how he describes the course:

“One of the often-heard objections to faith in Christ is that it is old fashioned or outdated, a relic of the distant past and therefore easily discarded. After all, what could a two thousand year old faith have to say to us in the twenty-first century? This new class seeks to address this question. In short, what could a two thousand year old faith have to say to us? A lot! For those of us who are a part of the Christian Church, our history is not something to be discarded as foreign, or cut-off from our time. No, church history is a recognition that all that the Church is today, has been informed, shaped, and influenced by what has gone before. So, to investigate church history is to dig the depths of who we are, and as we do, it is my hope that we come to a better understanding of what it means to be faithful to Jesus in our own day.”

This course is being delivered in ten-week sessions, during which time you will progress through the material at your own pace. At four points during the course, you, your fellow students and the course leader will engage in discussion forums, which allows an opportunity to reflect on the things you have been learning.

*These are not credit-bearing courses for degree level study.

NTC Online: Church History Content

  • 10 Weeks
  • 1 Introduction Video
  • 20 Video lectures (1 per century)
  • 20 Outlines
  • 20 Primary Source Readings
  • 4 Discussion Forums

Dates: TBC

Cost: TBC

This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in learning for discipleship, professional development, or simply pure enjoyment. Come and learn with us!

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