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2022 Didsbury Lectures

Blog — 18th October 2022

2022 Didsbury Lectures

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2022 Didsbury Lectures. How Does God Act in the World? Science, Provident, and Miracle. Rev Professor David Wilkinson. Professor and Principal of St. John's College, Durham University. 24th - 27th October. 7:30pm - 8:30pm. In person: Maclagan Chapel, NTC. Online: NTC Facebook Page. Scan the QR Code to register for free or visit bit.ly/DidsburyLectures2022. www.nazarene.ac.uk.

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The 2022 Didsbury Lectures took place on 24th- 27th October, 2022. This year featured Rev Prof David Wilkinson, Prof and Principal of St John’s College at Durham University, who tackles the relationship between science and theology.

Prof Wilkinson is immensely qualified for this discussion, having two PhDs: one in theoretical astrophysics and one in Systematic Theology. He is the author of When I Pray, What Does God Do? (2015), Christian Eschatology and the Physical Universe (2010), and The Message of Creation: Encountering the Lord of the Universe (2002) amongst other works.

Prof Wilkinson’s lectures were as follows. Each lecture is linked to the recorded presentation on our YouTube page.

As we do every year, NTC livestreamed the lectures on our Facebook page and YouTube channel where they will remain indefinitely for catch up viewing. The lectures will lightly edited and uploaded to our Public Lectures Playlist on our YouTube channel sometime after the lecture.

If you plan to attend either in person or online, please register by clicking the button below.

For more on the history of the Didsbury Lectures as well as links to previous recorded lectures, please click on this link.