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Nazarene Theological College is a registered charity (526675).

You can donate to NTC for a specific project or fund or you can make a general donation towards the daily ordinary needs or development costs of the College. To make a donation please use the button below. If you’d rather contact us via telephone, please call NTC Finance on +44 (0)161 445 3063 to pay by credit or debit cards.

A note for North American donors: Due to the different tax regulations, American or Canadian donors can donate to NTC through the Nazarene Foundation (US) or Church of the Nazarene – Canada in order to claim their donations. Canadians can use the form below, but Americans must visit the Nazarene Foundation donation form and select Nazarene Theological College – Manchester DAF from the drop-down ‘Designation’ menu. Note that this is an external site. If you are not bothered about claiming your donations on your taxes, please use the “Donate to NTC” button below.

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You may also give to NTC via bank transfers or cheques in any currency.

For bank transfers and standing orders, follow these instructions.

  • Sort Code: 60-01-73
  • Account: 00219930
  • Reference: NTCdonation[+surname]
  • IMPORTANT: When payment has been made please email Donation to finance@nazarene.ac.uk with NTCdonation+[chosenarea] in the subject bar.

For cheques in any currency, please follow these instructions.

  • Please make cheques payable to Nazarene Theological College
  • Write NTC donation[+your surname+your chosen area] as the memo
  • Send to Nazarene Theological College, Dene Road, Didsbury, M20 2GU, UK

Give as you Live is a free way to generate donations from your online shopping for NTC.

  • Shop at over 6,000 leading stores via the Give as you Live website. When you make purchases through the Give as You Live, they will donate a small percentage of the purchase to NTC at no cost to you.

Funds and Scholarships Accepting Donations

Principal’s Project – Transforming our Technology

Over the years the theme of our fundraising has been about making NTC fully accessible: a place where people can come, learn, grow, engage, connect and find themselves stretched into learning. The more we’ve created ways of people being able to get into places, and be fully dignified and able to participate, the more we’ve had students from a variety of circumstances discover that we are a college that is for them.

This year our Project extends our accessibility by investing in a wide range of technology to support our learning environment. From new energy efficient boilers, to cameras for our online classes, to boosting our WiFi to enable smooth fire systems in our buildings (for a mind boggling £30,000) – tech is shaping us heavily and helps us keep our doors open. Our mission of serving, equipping and connecting people continues and we’re doing everything we can to extend our provision and reach around the world in new ways – including online delivery. Our hope is to revamp our tech world – essentially, taking our campus and ramping it up in all kinds of ways to help us serve the student body both here and around the world as we shift towards online. It may be this doesn’t sound as exotic as some of our projects, since it’s more of less invisible to the naked eye, but investment in our present technology and infrastructure will enable us to reach new audiences in new ways from a sound campus.

  • Sponsor IT Infrastructure Development: £5 – £25
  • Sponsor a Computer Upgrade: £25 – £100
  • Sponsor a Classroom Upgrade: £25 – £500
  • Sponsor our Boiler Replacement: £500 – £1,000

Note: you can donate any amount to any of our asks here. These are simply suggested donations based on the amount needed for the general categories.

Friends of NTC

Friends of NTC is an initiative dedicated to ensuring NTC is around and thriving for many decades to come. Friends of NTC follows a tradition established in the 1970s by Dr Hugh Rae, Principal of the College. “The Doc” sought out those who cared deeply about NTC: lay leaders, NTC alumni, faculty, governors, ministers, business leaders, all with an affection for and connection with NTC, to invite them to invest in the life of NTC. Being a Friend of NTC means committing to give regularly to the College.

In return for your regular gifts to NTC, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Membership in a select group of supporters
  • Invitation to annual gatherings limited to Friends of NTC members
  • One free class (online or in-person) annually
  • Regular communication from the College and the Principal

For more information about Friends of NTC, please visit our Friends of NTC webpage.

Student Hardship Fund

We particularly want to increase the funding for this area, which provides help to students who are experiencing genuine and unavoidable financial difficulties and are struggling with their living costs. The fund is intended to assist with general living and course-related costs, not tuition fees or lifestyle choices. All applications will be means-tested.

  • Some of our students face incredible challenges in their time with us but are faithful to their call. Every now and then a catastrophe happens and a student faces a genuine or unavoidable financial challenge. Over the years we’ve developed a hardship fund for those students who struggle with living costs. Sometimes it comes about because of a family emergency (the wife of one student shattered her leg, couldn’t work, lost her job and her husband, a student, continued his own work as well as study – they needed this support! Another student had a family bereavement and used his money to cover the cost of the funeral which left him short) sometimes it’s because of a delay in financial support. We do our very best to ensure that no one goes short.

Sponsor a Student Fund

Students at NTC are the ‘everyday’ life of the college – learning in classes, shaped by what they read, and having access to good resources across the campus and for those off-site, through video-conferencing and local on-site libraries. The investment in students at this level is long term and the ripples spread to the many people they serve around the world. If you would like to invest in the life of a student you may wish to consider donating to one of the following by using the donation form below:

  • Sponsor a book (average £18 per book)
  • Sponsor a Student (Cost per week – £200 in fees)
  • Sponsor a Lecturer / Class (average cost £500)
  • Sponsor a Conference (average cost of hosting £1,000)

Campus Development

  • One of the college’s values is to enhance excellence in every way possible! We’ve undertaken a lot of improvements in the grounds, the car parks, the signs, the lighting … and have a lot of dreams of other ways we can make our college properties beautiful, environmentally friendly, and a mirror of God’s love for creation.
  • If you would like to help us keep the NTC campus beautiful and support its development then you can choose to donate to the campus development fund.

The Hermann Gschwandtner Postgraduate Scholarship

  • The Hermann Gschwandtner Postgraduate Scholarship provides assistance for postgraduate students from South Asia. Designed to support students pursuing full time or part-time study, the award will be named after a man who invested more than twenty-five years of his life in the work of the Church in South Asia, Dr Hermann Gschwandtner.

The Kent Brower Scholarship

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Complaints Procedure

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