Revd Deirdre Brower Latz BA, MA, PhD (Manchester)

Principal and Senior Lecturer in Pastoral and Social Theology

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Kent Brower BSL, MA, PhD (Manchester)

Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies

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Geordan Hammond BA, MA, PhD (Manchester), FRHistS

Senior Lecturer in Church History and Wesley Studies and Director of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre

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Revd Dr Trevor Hutton ThB, MA, PhD (Manchester)

Lecturer in Practical Theology and Missiology, Executive Director of Momentum UK

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Mi Ja Wi BA, MDiv, MA, PhD

Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Global Mission. International Chaplain (January, 2019 - January, 2020)

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Visiting Lecturer

Ezekiel Shibemba

Lecturer in Biblical Studies

Visiting Lecturer

Revd Ash Barker PhD (MCD)

Lecturer in Urban Leadership, MA & PhD Supervisions

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Visiting Lecturer

Revd Canon Phil Rawlings PhD (Chester)

Director, Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam

Revd Dwight Swanson BA, MDiv, PhD (Manchester)

Senior Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies, and Co-Director, Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam

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Revd Joseph Wood BA, MTS, MA, PhD (Manchester)

Lecturer in Church History, Historical Theology and Wesley Studies, Study Abroad Coordinator

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Thomas Noble MA, BD, PhD (Edinburgh)

Senior Research Fellow in Theology and Professor of Theology, Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City

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Revd David McCulloch ThB, MTh, PhD (Glasgow)

Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow in Practical Theology and Mission

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