Equal Opportunity Statement

“We believe in equal opportunities: we are actively opposed to discrimination in society and endeavour to demonstrate this through all our activities, including our employment practices.”

Equal Opportunities are more than a policy statement. It is a commitment that all those associated with the College should share. That includes members of Faculty, students and placement personnel. Students and Staff are expected to demonstrate sensitivity and generosity when presented with beliefs, cultures or attitudes different from their own. Language, humour and non-verbal communication should not discriminate, or cause offence, on grounds of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, culture, physical ability or appearance.

The College welcomes applications from students of different ethnicities, gender, age, religion, intellectual abilities, socio-economic backgrounds, and cultural traditions. Applications are encouraged from sections of society that are under-represented. Over one-quarter of the College’s student body is from outside the UK, and ethnic minorities are well represented.

The College recognises the diversity of views in and beyond Christian settings on issues such as women in leadership roles and homosexuality. Therefore it seeks to enable students, who come from a variety of backgrounds and traditions, to examine and determine their own approaches to such issues. The College would not wish to exclude anyone who feels that they can benefit from involvement with the College and the course, provided they meet the admission requirements.

Course content and teaching demonstrates a commitment to social inclusion, cultural diversity and the elimination of discrimination and oppression. Every opportunity is taken to address inequality, both with staff, students and placement organisations.