NTC Board of Governors

Below are the current NTC Board of Governors

Mr Ian Burleigh, Chair

Mr Steve Leach, Secretary

Revd Dr. Klaus Arnold
Revd Lorraine Bell
Mr Philip Howard
Revd Dr Deirdre Brower Latz
Mrs Katy Dawson
Revd Carl McCann
Mr Iain McGookin
Mrs Laura Nike
Revd Dr Osahon Jeremie Ogbewei
Revd Arthur Snjiders
Ms Phyllis Thompson
Revd Stéphane Tibi
Revd Ruth Turner
Mrs Mary Wood
Mr Gareth Lawson
Mrs Rosemary Arnold Knights
Revd Jim Ritchie
Mr Tim Geddes

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, correspondence should be sent via the Principal (dbrowerlatz@nazarene.ac.uk), who is a support member to the Governing Body.

Where a complaint is against the Principal, complaints should be sent to the Chair of Governors via the Operations Director (pmckendrick@nazarene.ac.uk),who acts as a support member to the Governing Body.