First established during the late 1970s, Nazarene Theological College’s archives reflect over 100 years of work and ministry related to the Church of the Nazarene (British Isles), NTC itself and the various partners that are part of our history.

Mission Statement: The mission of Nazarene Theological College’s archive is to secure the preservation of historical records that give testimony to the unfolding story of the Church of the Nazarene (and the wider Wesleyan Tradition of which it is part) within the British Isles.

Aim: As the official depository of all historical records relating to the community of the Church of the Nazarene ( British Isles), the archive collection at NTC aims to embrace –

  • the history of the NTC and the other Bible Colleges in the Wesleyan tradition that now form part of its history
  • established churches and missions (past and present) of the Church of the Nazarene (UK)
  • the personal profiles of distinguished individuals belonging to the movement.

The archives also hold material from the wider Wesleyan Tradition within the British Isles.

More information on NTC’s White House can be found here.


Current Published Archive Catalogues via Archives Hub include:-

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Church of the Nazarene (B.I.) List of Published Church Histories currently held within the Archives@NTC. Download PDF >>

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Contact our archives for possible historical insight.
Check if, within the archives, there are copies of any new historical findings such as photographs, records, histories or memories.

If your church ever features within your local papers, or advertises an initiative of the mission in your community, don’t forget to send cuttings, posters, or a write-up of the event to us.

Contact our archivist archives@nazarene.ac.uk

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