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We know how important choosing the right place to study is and want to help you in that process.

Read some of our student and graduate reviews below. We’re still developing this page and plan to include some video feedback from students about their experiences. In the meantime, we hope that you can find some honest and helpful feedback from some of our students and graduates to help you in your decision-making.

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Personally, the MA studies made me see how humble I need to be during all my life because what matters is not what I learned (intellectually speaking) but how I have been learning – spiritually speaking – to let the Holy Spirit transform my character in order to be more Christ-like.

(MA student, Priscila Guevara)

Most of my experiences have included transferable skills; learning more about pastoral care, committing to community work and things I didn’t know before, like how to respond to challenging behaviour and developing emotional literacy in children which I’ve been able to use in youth work too.

(BA Youth Work and Ministry student, Kerry Connolly)

It’s opened my eyes up to how big God is and His mission, not just for my life but for everyone and everything. We just get to be part of that and join Him in it.

(Pioneer Ministry student, Jen Clarke)

I enjoyed studying there. The community aspect of NTC made it easy for me to cope with the struggles of learning and being away from home. I enjoyed getting to know the staff and the support they offered me which I am very grateful for.

(BA Youth Work and Ministry graduate, Mwesi Magumba)

I do appreciate support from tutors with essays and dissertation. This contributed to my good grades. I am grateful.

(NTC Graduate)

NTC taught me that there is as much joy in finding the right questions as in finding the right answers.

(PhD student, Nabil Habibi)

Studying for a Certificate in Theology after my A-Levels, helping me to build a solid theological foundation to help me as a Christian as I prepared to go on and study for the world of business.

(NTC Graduate)

The units, informal education, youth work and management completely changed how I do youth work, I think everyone has those few units which change their lives and these ones were the ones for me.

(NTC Youth Work Graduate)

It [my placement] was one of the highlights for me, learning about how to engage young people to understand the life of the church, what we do as Christians.

(BA Practical Theology student, James Campbell)

The support of my supervisors, the people on my probationary review, were very, very helpful and gave me good guidance. The other students who’ve asked me about what I’m doing and suggested sources — all those things have been very positive.

(PhD student, Justin Bradbury)

NTC has literally changed my life and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. All the staff have been incredibly helpful and understanding and have helped me through the difficult times. NTC wasn’t what I was expecting when I first arrived, it was far better.

(NTC Graduate)

The contact between the college and student was very good! It is always helpful to have clear and concise communication. The teachers were all so friendly, and approachable, this really helped. I really enjoyed my time at the College, feel lucky to have been part of it.

(NTC Graduate)


It was great to combine learning in the classroom with a placement in the community where I live and to think about the complexities of urban life and ministry.

(NTC Graduate)

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