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Nazarene Theological College

Study and Classes in Autumn 2020

NTC has adopted a model of blended learning for Autumn 2020: All classes are taking place using videoconferencing, supported by online learning resources and strategies, so that the College is careful to manage risk in this period.  This means that students who are vulnerable, or caring for someone who is, are able to undertake their studies from home.  There will, however, be face-to-face options through the semester: regular sessions for both academic and pastoral care that will take place on campus using social distancing (with options in place for those who are unable to attend) in the spaces that allow this to be undertaken safely, and we still have an open-door policy (though the doors may be ‘virtual’ at times!), since being able to talk one-to-one with our brilliant faculty is a huge attraction of this learning environment.

Placement-based Courses

We have made arrangements for all current students to continue with adapted placement arrangements, so their studies will not be interrupted or affected.  New students who have placement in their first year (Youth and Community students) will start placements slightly later, so that all enhanced risk assessments for COVID 19 can be undertaken.  The student work load has been adjusted to allow for this.


The College continues to invest in electronic resources which are particularly valuable during this time where access to physical library resources may be limited. The Library is currently open but all users must register via the QR code scan (download the NHS Covid-19 app) or send an email to trackandtrace@nazarene.ac.uk

Worship & Pastoral Care

As a confessional community, worship is at the heart of our identity. And so Chapel services, morning prayers and pastoral care groups, continue to take place, though in modified forms. Chapel services are online at the start of the semester (this will be kept under review); morning prayers allow for in-person and online attendance (with in-person being socially distanced and, following current guidance, wearing masks). Pastoral care groups offer a range of options: some online engagement, and some face to face socially-distanced meeting, as regulations allow.


The full range of Chaplaincy support is still available online and face to face, where social distancing can be observed.

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