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Christian Approaches to Humanitarian/Development Practices

Event — 17th March 2021

Christian Approaches to Humanitarian/Development Practices

Postgraduate short course

The class will develop an understanding of humanitarian/development practice and grapple with key issues that emerge in relation to ethics, good practice, and theological frameworks. Theology will be drawn upon as a method of critique and a dialogue partner to shape good practice in humanitarian/development work as practised primarily by the church or other faith-based organisations within a wide range of contexts. The class will identify methods of challenging poor practice where it may exist and enhance good practices in relation to the church/faith-based organisations and humanitarian/development through reflection on practice alongside exploring key literature.

Dates: June 5th – 12th 2021

Course Code: ST7670Lecturer: TBC

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Short courses can be taken in two ways:

For the Joy of Learning (Audit)

This option means there is no coursework or assignments but full participation in the class.

  • Postgraduate course Fee: £270

For more advanced learning (Credit)

Classes can also be taken for NTC credit (dependent on completing successfully the coursework or assignments) without committing to a University of Manchester programme.

  • Postgraduate course Fee: £1549 Includes coursework and credit
  • Postgraduate course International Fee: £2112