Welcome to the NTC Alumni community
What is the NTC Alumni community?

Over the years, thousands of students from across the world have studied at NTC. From here, they’ve gone on to serve the Mission of God in all manner of ways. If you’ve studied with us or graduated your course of study this year or 70 years ago, NTC is proud to call you one of our Alumni. Did you know that all students who have completed a course of study through Nazarene Theological College and British Isles Nazarene College are a part of this community? And it’s free!

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Sydney Martin Memorial Lecture

Rev. Dr Sydney Martin
The Rev. Dr Sydney Martin who died at the age of 93 on 2nd August, 2004, was one of a generation of evangelical ministers who had a significant influence in the city of Glasgow in the 1950s and 1960s.

Coming to the Sharpe Memorial Church in Parkhead in 1950, he was to serve there for twenty-five years, including among his contemporaries Dr Nelson Gray at Parkhead Congregational Church and Rev. George Duncan at St George’s Tron. The first decade of his ministry was the era of population movement, when thousands moved out of the east end of the city to the new housing schemes at Barlanark, Easterhouse and Castlemilk, and under Sydney Martin’s leadership, Sharpe Memorial opened a branch church in Barlanark. The 1950s also saw the Billy Graham Kelvin Hall Crusade, and although he would not have regarded himself as primarily an evangelist, Sydney Martin was one of the many city ministers who threw their whole weight behind that very influential crusade.

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Student Hardship Fund

We particularly want to increase the funding for this area, which provides help to students who are experiencing genuine and unavoidable financial difficulties and are struggling with their living costs.

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News & Events

There is always lots going on at Nazarene Theological College

…and more than meets the eye too! Not only do we have our classes but we often host conferences or public lectures. There’s also regular community groups and events that meet here at the College. So stop on by these pages for all the latest goings on!

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Students at NTC are the ‘everyday’ life of the college

– learning in classes, being shaped by what they read, and having access to good resources across the campus. The investment in students at this level is long term: the ripples spread to the many people they engage with in later life, around the world. If you would like to invest in the life of a student you may wish to consider donating to one of the following:

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Link Magazine

The Link magazine has been produced for many years as a way of the College keeping in touch with current students, former students, friends, supporters, interested parties and more! It contains news and articles of interest as well as some upcoming events and things to look forward to. With the advent of electronic communication we now have monthly Link emails and special edition printed Links – look out for these throughout the year! You can download the latest edition below.

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Didsbury Lectures

Moving beyond the Empire of Illusion: What do we do about the problem of evil?

Presented by: Professor John Swinton

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Partnership Information

NTC seeks to foster a range of different partnerships in many different areas of the College.

Working collaboratively with a range of other organisations creates a more vibrant learning environment for our students – while also helping to promote our values to the wider world.

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