Didsbury Lectures

The 2021 Didsbury Lecture

Presented by: Professor John M G Barclay (Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, Durham University)

Date October 25th – October 28th 2021. 19:30 – 20:30

Venue The lectures will be delivered through videoconference

Cost These are free lectures and open to the public.

More details about this lecture will follow shortly

Register Here (Registration will open September 2021)

About the Didsbury Lectures

In 1979 the College instituted an annual lecture series, the Didsbury Lectures. Each year a series of four lectures is given by a leading scholar or theologian standing within the historic Christian faith.

For more information on the Didsbury Lectures please email enquiries@nazarene.ac.uk.

Lecturers appointed to date include the following

Lecturers of the 2020’s

    • 2020 Professor John Swinton

Lecture One

Lecture Two

Lecture Three

Lecture Four

Lecturers of the 2010’s

  • 2010 Professor George Brooke
  • 2011 Professor Nigel Biggar
  • 2012 Dr Thomas A Noble
  • 2013 Professor Gordon Wenham
  • 2014 Professor Frances Young
  • 2015 Professor Elaine Graham
  • 2016 Professor Michael Gorman
  • 2017 Professors Philip & Loveday Alexander
  • 2018 Professor Marcus Bockmuehl
  • 2019 Professor Michael Lodahl

Lecturers of the 2000’s

  • 2000 Professor Clark Pinnock
  • 2001 Professor Robert P Gordon
  • 2002 The Revd Dr Herbert McGonigle
  • 2003 Professor David Wright
  • 2004 The Very Revd Dr Stephen S Smalley
  • 2005 The Rt Revd Dr N T Wright
  • 2006 Professor Alan P F Sell
  • 2007 Dr Elaine Storkey
  • 2008 Dr Kent E Brower
  • 2009 Professor Alan Torrance

Lecturers of the 1990’s

  • 1990 The Revd Professor Colin E Gunton
  • 1991 The Revd Professor J D G Dunn
  • 1992 The Revd Dr PM Bassett
  • 1993 Professor David J A Clines
  • 1994 The Revd Professor James B Torrance
  • 1995 The Revd Dr R T France
  • 1996 Professor Richard Bauckham
  • 1997 Professor H G M Williamson
  • 1998 Professor David Bebbington
  • 1999 Professor L W Hurtado

Lecturers of the 1980’s

  • 1980 The Revd Professor I Howard Marshall
  • 1981 The Revd Professor James Atkinson
  • 1982 The Very Revd Professor T F Torrance
  • 1983 The Revd Professor C K Barrett
  • 1984 The Revd Dr A R G Deasley
  • 1985 Dr Donald P Guthrie
  • 1986 Professor A F Walls
  • 1987 The Revd Dr A Skevington Wood
  • 1988 The Revd Professor Morna D Hooker
  • 1989 The Revd Professor Ronald E Clements

Inaugural Lecturer

  • 1979 Professor F F Bruce

Resources from previous lectures


The 2014 lectures were delivered by Professor Frances M Young, with the theme ‘Construing the Cross: Symbol and Image, Word and Action.’ You can find and watch the lectures again on the Livestream channel. You can also download the accompanying PowerPoint presentations for each night:


The 2015 Didsbury Lectures were delivered by Professor Elaine Graham, from October 19-22. The theme was: “Apologetics without Apology: rethinking Christian witness in a post-secular world”


The 2016 Didsbury Lectures were delivered by Professor Michael Gorman, from October 24-27. The lectures were titled ‘Missional Theosis in the Gospel of John’. Recordings and handouts can be downloaded below:


The 2017 Didsbury Lectures were delivered by Professors Philip & Loveday Alexander, from October 23-26. The lectures were titled ‘Priesthood and Sacrifice in the Epistle to the Hebrews’. Recordings can be downloaded below: