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There is always lots going on at Nazarene Theological College

…and more than meets the eye too! Not only do we have our classes but we often host conferences or public lectures. There’s also regular community groups and events that meet here at the College. So stop on by these pages for all the latest goings on!


Ministers Summer School 2021

Ministers’ Summer School 2021
Greetings from NTC Manchester!

Our annual Ministers’ Summer School is slightly different this year as we appreciate that, for many ministers, this has been a year of ‘Zooming’ and many of you are still busy juggling responsibilities within an ever-changing landscape.

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The Future of the Past!

The Sydney Martin Lecture 2021
The Future of the Past!
Preserving, Valuing and Passing on the Legacy of African Caribbean Pentecostal Congregational Worship
Presented by: Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie – Director of the Centre for Black Theology, The Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham
Date and Times: Monday 28th June, 7:00 – 8.30pm

What is a legacy of African Caribbean Pentecostalism (ACP) that is yet to be realised in social consciousness and in the academy? In this lecture, Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie will appraise a conduit of an African Caribbean Pentecostal past and the development of Black gospel music in 21st century Britain, to explore questions about the legacy of ACP congregational worship. Central to this discourse is a consideration of the influence of ACP liturgical practices that resolutely nurtured the musical talents and aspirations of its congregants, in particular, the children and young people. Whilst collective participation in ACP congregational worship was encouraged, it was consequential. Many congregants developed unique skills in singing and music, and dedicated participation unwittingly fostered a range of viable skills that would be employed to pioneer Black gospel music as a religious musical art form in Britain. This lecture will show how particular socio-cultural and liturgical practices of African Caribbean Pentecostalism are the antecedents to Black gospel music in Britain.

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Nine Minutes

Nine Minutes
Over Nine minutes. That is the length of time Police Officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into the neck of George Floyd, ending his life on a street in Minneapolis, Minnesota [1]. 

Nine percent. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, that is the estimated rate “of specimens testing positive for SARS-CoV-2” in the “South Central” and “Central” regions of the United States (as of 11 September 2020).[2]  

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