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…and more than meets the eye too! Not only do we have our classes but we often host conferences or public lectures. There’s also regular community groups and events that meet here at the College. So stop on by these pages for all the latest goings on!


Coronavirus Update

Last reviewed on 30 March 2020 at 1.00pm and last updated on 30 March 2020 at 3.30pm
Owing to the present global viral pandemic, and the need to implement self-isolation, the NTC Manchester and Grogan libraries are closed until further notice.

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A Call to Prayer

NTC: A call to prayer
In his book, A Call to prayer, J. C. Ryle,  “I want the times we live in to be praying times. I want the Christians of our day to be praying Christians. I want the church to be a praying church. My heart’s desire and prayer is to promote a spirit of prayerfulness, 25.”

In recent days at Nazarene Theological College we have sensed the need to call all our friends to join with us in a season of prayer for the College. Like so many others, we are navigating our way through difficult waters. The challenges facing us are serious, complex, and urgent, but we are thankful for God’s gracious hand upon us and the generosity and encouragement of God’s people.

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Light in the Darkness!

Light in the Darkness

Global catastrophes tend to expunge goodness whilst highlighting the decadent parts of our human makeup. Bulk buying, looting food banks and coughing in the faces of key workers reveals a darker side to the pandemic of our fallenness.

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GET UP and… 7 tips for looking after your Mental Health during lockdown

7 tips for looking after your MH during lockdown from NTC Chaplain and Mental Heath First Aid Instructor, Michael Kane.
Just like our physical health, there are things we can do to preserve and improve our mental health. This feels particularly important in the midst of a Global Pandemic and National Lockdown.

1. Get up! One of the traps we can fall into when we don’t have much to do is to stay in bed too long; try to avoid this. Just like having too little sleep can affect us mentally, the same is true for too much sleep.

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Thinking through a pandemic…

Thinking through a pandemic…
Like a lot of us, I’ve been learning how to think Christianly for years! Decades even. And, like many, some of the things I’d spent time carefully learning about have had to be pushed, reshaped, and navigated newly. My little list keeps growing:

–       I’ve always thought it was an important Christian virtue to cross the road towards people. The Good Samaritan and faithful responses to need made me (make me) think that Christians should be those willing to walk into a space where danger has been and help the most vulnerable. Where we do all we can to defy our stereotypes, reject our impulses of pure and impure, touchable and untouchable – and be those who touch – in the right way – the most bloody and battered of travellers. And yet, here we are in a space where the kindest action, the most just, the most right, is, in many cases, to cross the road away from people…

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A learning community in lockdown

A learning community in lockdown
A few weeks ago, as the prospect of lockdown became more and more likely, when classes had switched to online and faculty and staff begun working from home, several resident students made the decision to return to their family home.

For some others, however, there was no option to return. Some of our students are from countries that had already closed airports. Others chose to remain because they had no other place to live, and NTC seemed like a good place to hunker down. For most, NTC is more than residence: it is home.

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