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Principal’s Project –

Transforming our Technology – Principal’s Project 2023-25
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Over the years the theme of our fundraising has been about making NTC fully accessible: a place where people can come, learn, grow, engage, connect and find themselves stretched into learning. The more we’ve created ways of people being able to get into places, and be fully dignified and able to participate, the more we’ve had students from a variety of circumstances discover that we are a college that is for them.

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2023 Ministers’ Summer School

Ministers’ Summer School 2023: Shapes for Living
Relating, Praying, Working, Playing, Growing

Programme adapted from the themes found in the Diocese of Gloucester Seeking Shapes for Living course

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Church on the Margins

What does it mean to be a church on the margins?
Below is an excerpt written by Deidre Brower Latz (with Carmel Murphy Elliott and Sarah Purcell). The excerpt was originally published by Church Action on Poverty in February 2023 based on qualitative research findings from 2020-2023. Based on in-depth conversations with people and congregations “on the margins,” this report documents frustrations with barriers around disability, literacy, class, language, leadership and power within mainstream churches.

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NTC Interview Series – Dr Paul Hoffman

Preaching to a Divided Nation co-authored by Paul Hoffman received Outreach Magazine’s 2023 Resource of the Year (Leadership) Award

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NTC Interview Series – Dr Andrew Ollerton

Have you been looking for a Wesleyan resource that walks through Romans in a practical and straightforward manner? Dr Andrew Ollerton, pastor and adjunct lecturer at NTC in historical and practical theology, has recently published his new book, Romans: A Letter that Makes Sense of Life that tries to get to the heart of the letter by guiding readers through one of the most challenging and rewarding books in the Bible. You can purchase that book via the Bible Society, Amazon, or wherever you get your books.

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New at NTC: Online Learning Modes

We are proud to announce that NTC is launching an online learning mode for its BA and MA courses beginning Autumn 2023.

How Online Learning Mode Works

NTC’s online learning mode classes are live, synchronous video conference sessions. Students attend class sessions taught live during a scheduled time (usually afternoon or evening UK time). Some classes will be conducted exclusively online, and some are dual delivery: class is conducted online and on campus simultaneously, allowing online and on campus students to learn with and from each other.

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