Our Partners

Partnership Information

NTC seeks to foster a range of different partnerships in many different areas of the College.

Working collaboratively with a range of other organisations creates a more vibrant learning environment for our students – while also helping to promote our values to the wider world.

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Movement for Justice​ & Reconciliation

The Manchester Study Centre
The MJR Study Centre in Manchester is hosted by the Nazarene Theological College. It is hoped that this partnership will lead to the creation of research and teaching opportunities. We have a growing collection of relevant study materials for both students and others interested in gaining an understanding of the legacy of slavery which can be accessed at the NTC Library. When feasible a hot desk will be made available at the College and local MJR Manchester meetings and events can be hosted there.

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The University of Manchester

NTC is academically validated by the University of Manchester.

The College offers certificate, diploma, and degree courses, from BA through to PhD, which are validated by The University of Manchester, and so carry the “quality kite-mark” of the University.

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Bridging Worlds

Bridging Worlds: Centre for East and Southeast Asian Christianity was launched in 2022. The Centre is intentionally developed and shaped to carry both research- and Church-facing elements. 

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Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam

Nazarene Theological College (NTC) has inaugurated a centre of educational excellence in the area of Christianity and Islam

The College has developed, as part of its commitment to MCSCI, a new MA in Theology pathway, Christian Engagement with Islam, which is available either for local study or, through the College’s system of intensive residential learning, to a wider international learning community.

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Manchester Bible School

Manchester Bible School – 5-week Evening Classes for Those with a Desire to Learn

Manchester Bible School aims to provide accessible courses equipping people with a deeper knowledge and practical applications of the Bible and theology in a context of fellowship. No previous academic qualifications are required – just a desire to learn. This is a great and affordable way to experience an introduction to further theological education.

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Manchester Wesley Research Centre

NTC is home to the Manchester Wesley Research Centre

The MWRC promotes and supports research on the life and work of John and Charles Wesley, their contemporaries in the 18th century Evangelical Revival, their historical and theological antecedents, their successors in the Wesleyan tradition, and contemporary scholarship in the Wesleyan and Evangelical tradition. This includes areas such as theology, history, biblical studies, education, ethics, literature, mission, philosophy, pastoral studies, practical theology, and social theology.

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NTC has extensive experience with placement-based courses

Both the BA (Hons) Theology (Youth and Community) and the BA (Hons) Theology (Practical Theology) have fieldwork at the very heart of their delivery integrating academic study with ongoing fieldwork. Students and placement organisations are supported by our Placement Managers based in Manchester.

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