Manchester Bible School

Manchester Bible School – 5-week Evening Classes for Those with a Desire to Learn

Manchester Bible School aims to provide accessible courses equipping people with a deeper knowledge and practical applications of the Bible and theology in a context of fellowship. No previous academic qualifications are required – just a desire to learn. This is a great and affordable way to experience an introduction to further theological education.

The courses are suitable for Christians with a basic grounding in the faith, but who want to increase their knowledge of God’s Word to help them in their Christian lives and service. Some courses aim to introduce topics, while others will build on previous courses to deepen engagement with the topic.

Summer 2023 Courses

After the Flood: The Church, Slavery and Reconciliation

This course is for anyone who is willing to listen and to engage in conversation with an openness to learn.

  • Course overview: This four-session course will be delivered on our Manchester campus and includes a film screening in week one, followed by three weeks of guided reflection and discussion on themes raised by the film. After the Flood: The Church, Slavery and Reconciliation is a film documentary that charts the roots and legacies of the 18th century Church’s role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The film traces the ideas that justified and sustained the enslavement of Black Africans, their lasting impact, and what true reconciliation might involve and look like today. The course will offer opportunities to reflect and discuss themes raised by the film.
  • Dates: Mondays from 12th June – 3rd July. Note this is a four-week course.
  • Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
  • Delivery: In person at NTC
  • Cost: £35 for the course. £5 for those who only wish to view the film.
  • Nazarene Pastors LLL Code: 37940 (1 hour per class)

Note: Everyone is welcome to the screening to both the screen and the first session of the MBS class as stand alone events.

  • Course Schedule:
    •  12th June: Screening of After the Flood followed by refreshments
      • Facilitated by MBS/NTC and Beatrice Smith (MJR, Churches Together, Spring Harvest)
    • 19th June: Reflection session led by Dr Clara Rushbrook (Luther King House)
      • Facilitated by Beatrice Smith and Paul Keeble (MJR)
    • 26th June: Informal Q&A Session and Discussion, Part 1
      • Led by Beatrice Smith and Paul Keeble
    • 3rd July: Informal Q&A Session and Discussion, Part 2
      • “So what?” led by VenKaren Lund (Archdeacon of Manchester) and facilitated by Beatrice Smith and Paul Keeble

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Unity and Diversity in the Book of Acts

A deep-dive into boundary-breaking ecclesiology as journey

  • Course overview: This is a, discussion-based course that will be delivered live via Zoom. This course forms a deep-dive into scripture and will be helpful for those who would enjoy delving beneath the surface. Acts paints a picture of different nations and cultures being grafted into the Christian faith, not by imposing Jewish traditions on them (Acts 15), but by breaking down the dividing wall between Jews and Gentiles and creating a new, multicultural, united people in Jesus (Eph. 2:14). In Acts 2 we see a commitment to form a new Christian community. It is the feast of Pentecost, an Old Testament ritual that affirmed a new covenant or the restatement of the covenant between God and His people. Within the context of the reaffirming of that covenant between God and His people, we see the Holy Spirit fall upon His people in Acts 2. And instead of [the] division that we saw in Gen 11, we now see a unity. We see many different languages, many different cultures, and many different peoples come together and find a unity. In the midst of their diversity we find a unity. This image in Acts 2 and then in subsequent parts of the book of Acts enables us to see followers of Jesus unite together even in the midst of their diversity.
  • Dates: Mondays from 5th June – 3rd July
  • Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
  • Course leader: Revd Dr Ken Baker is a teaching pastor at Redcatch Community Church in Bristol. He is an enthusiastic and engaging communicator with a range of teaching and ministry experiences.
  • Delivery: Online via Zoom
  • Cost: £35
  • Nazarene Pastors LLL Code: 84482  (1 hour per class)

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A Note on Costs

Most MBS courses cost £35, but we do have a concession price of £25 for students 16 yrs old and older, people with a disability, unemployed, or retired.

MBS on the Road

MBS on the Road is a new initiative that brings the Manchester Bible School experience to your church community.

Missional Discipleship for Everyone

A practical exploration of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission with great potential to be life-changing

  • Course overview: Are you hungry for more of God? Then this course is for you! Suitable for any Christian who wants to know Jesus more deeply and share his love in their daily lives. This 5-week class includes opportunities for questions, group discussion, and prayer. In the final session there will be an experience of a Wesleyan-style ‘band meeting’ in small groups where each person can share some of what God has been saying to them. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a Christian, what tradition of church you are from, how academic you are or whether you are a church leader or not.
  • Dates: Tuesdays from 6th June – 4th July
  • Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
  • Course leader: Revd Matt Wright is a Baptist minister working as a consultant in missional discipleship. He is passionate about Jesus and longs for renewal in the UK Church. He lives in Chesterfield with his wife, Rachel, and their two daughters.
  • Delivery: In Person at Sheffield Church of the Nazarene, 8 Fitzroy Rd, Heeley, Sheffield S2 3BB, UK
  • Cost: £35
  • Nazarene Pastors LLL Code: 65910  (1 hour per class)

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Details of current partners and projects are listed on this page. If you’re interested in partnering with us for a short course at your church, please email Revd Louise Kenyon.