Manchester Bible School

Do you have a desire to learn? Then why not try one of our 5-week evening classes?

Manchester Bible School aims to provide accessible courses equipping people with a deeper knowledge and practical applications of the Bible and theology in a context of fellowship. No previous academic qualifications are required – just a desire to learn. This is a great and affordable way to experience an introduction to further theological education.

The courses are suitable for Christians with a basic grounding in the faith, but who want to increase their knowledge of God’s Word to help them in their Christian lives and service. Some courses aim to introduce topics, while others will build on previous courses to deepen engagement with the topic.


Spring courses available in 2021

All classes will take place on ZOOM, 7.30pm-9.30pm

Costs: Full Price £35 / Concessions* £25

*Concessions include: Students 16+ (NTC students free registration); people with a disability; unemployed; retired.


When the World Crumbles: Reading the Book of Job in the Pandemic

Where do we go with our loss and illness, with our confusion and questions? In the uncertainty of what lies ahead, we turn back to those who have walked in the darkness before us, who have suffered deeply – and survived. In this short course, we will turn to the Book of Job, arguably the Bible’s darkest road. Is there anything that Job can say in response to our questions and chaos today? What is that new vision of God that Job receives in the end? And how can Christians today read this book?

Course facilitator: Samuel Hildebrandt

Samuel is Lecturer in Biblical Studies (Old Testament) at NTC Manchester

Dates and Times: March 1, March 8, March 15, March 22 and March 29

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The Kingdom of God – A Movement for Social Change?

This highly participative course investigates the dimensions and possibilities of bringing the Kingdom of God to bear in every sphere of life. Drawing on theoretical and theological perspectives, we will explore our own lives and reflect on interviews I recently conducted, with people expressing their faith in politics, education, working with vulnerable people, business, and technology. The aim of the course is to challenge us to think more broadly about the missional nature of our lives, our work, and our communities, increasing our clarity and confidence to act in our world at a time of huge challenge, change and opportunity.

Course facilitator: Dave Beck

Over the past 20 years, he has developed undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in Community Development, at the University of Glasgow. His research outputs include books exploring Popular Education and Community Organising and a range of articles covering issues such as community-based addictions, social capital, and university/community partnerships. His most recent book rethinks the purpose and methods of Community Development for the 21st Century.

Dates and Times: March 1, March 8, March 15, March 22 and March 29

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Paul’s Pain and Emotional Community

‘Why dìd Paul disclose the depth of his distress to the Corinthians?’ Paul’s disclosure of his emotions to the Corinthians is striking. In this interdisciplinary course, we will discuss the role of emotions and emotional communities. This conversation about shared language and experience can help us consider the way we live together with pain. The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Introduction to the course and Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians
  2. Ancient constructions of emotions
  3. Contemporary studies of emotion
  4. Aspects of Paul’s pain
  5. Christ’s suffering and emotional community

Course facilitator: Dr Sarah Whittle

Dr Sarah Whittle is a graduate of Nazarene Theological College and current Research Fellow in Biblical Studies. Based in Scotland, Sarah is the Postgraduate Wellbeing Adviser at the University of St Andrews and a Probationary Minister in the Church of Scotland.

Dates and Times: March 3, March 10, March 17, March 24 and March 31

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