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Manchester Bible School – 5-week Evening Classes for Those with a Desire to Learn

Manchester Bible School aims to provide accessible courses equipping people with a deeper knowledge and practical applications of the Bible and theology in a context of fellowship. No previous academic qualifications are required – just a desire to learn. This is a great and affordable way to experience an introduction to further theological education.

The courses are suitable for Christians with a basic grounding in the faith, but who want to increase their knowledge of God’s Word to help them in their Christian lives and service. Some courses aim to introduce topics, while others will build on previous courses to deepen engagement with the topic.


Course Details and Registration

Spring 2022 Courses

A Journey Through the Old Testament

Online, Monday 28th February and 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th March, 19:30-21:30 

Course overview: This is a great introductory course for anyone wanting to explore the big picture of the story of God through the Old Testament of the Bible. Using a range of resources this course will provide space for people to ask questions and learn together in a friendly environment and seeks to help people grow deeper in their encounter with Scripture and understanding the Bible storyline. This is ideal for people who may know very little about the Christian faith and scriptures, or people simply wanting a refresher overview of the Bible.

Course leader: Mark Tomlinson is a ‘Bible Explorer’ qualified presenter, going into Primary Schools and teaching children the ‘Big Picture’ of the Bible. He is also a Children’s Specialist under the name ‘Primary Focus’, with more than 44 years of ministry involving the leading of children and young people. Mark is a gifted communicator and is as passionate about supporting, encouraging, equipping, and training leaders, as he is about teaching children about God, Jesus, and the Bible.

Nazarene Pastors LLL Code: 90936 (1 hour per class)

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Discipleship in an Environmental Crisis

Online, Monday 28th February and 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th March, 19:30-21:30 

Course overview: What does Christian theology have to say about climate change? This is a great short course for anyone who is concerned about the environment and trying to sort out how their concern can be specifically rooted in Christian faith and practice. This highly relevant course will combine interactive lectures with some group work, audiovisual presentation, and the opportunity to think together about issues of faith and the environment.

Course leader: Revd Dr Jeremy Kidwell is associate professor in Christian ethics at the University of Birmingham. Amongst other disciplines, Jeremy has a background in constructive theology and ethics, and brings a joined-up approach to aid thinking about this relevant and timely topic.

Nazarene Pastors LLL Code: 62993 (1 hour per class)

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Reading and Seeing Revelation

On-Campus at NTC, Monday 28th February and 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th March, 19:30-21:30 

Course overview: This course will offer a journey towards a better understanding of the book of Revelation. Students will explore how Revelation can be read in the written word, visual arts and aloud!

  1. The journey to understanding the book of revelation
  2. How not to read and how to read the book of revelation
  3. How our views of Revelation get in the way of reading it
  4. Introducing a visual exegesis; How images inform ‘our theology’ and ‘theology’ informs image
  5. Reading (part of) Revelation aloud!

Course leader: Pieter Kwant has an appreciation for many aspects of culture, not least art, music and film, but it is books that he has dedicated his life to in the service of the Lord. Originally from the Netherlands, it was
in South Africa that Pieter met his wife, Elria and where he started his first job in the Christian book business. He went on to manage and own a bookshop, distributor and antiquariat and served professors, pastors and students. God eventually led Pieter back to Europe, this time to the UK where he has led the way in publishing theological and biblical monographs for IVP then Paternoster, before eventually setting up his own publishing house and book agency, Piquant. It specialises in Mission, Theology and the Arts. Alongside Piquant, Pieter was then called to Langham Partnership to be the director of its literature programme, focusing on resourcing institutions in the Majority World with evangelical theological books for libraries and students, developing and training Majority World writers and publishers, and pioneering partnerships to produce exceptional indigenous book projects such as the Africa Bible Commentary and the South Asia Bible Commentary, and many others.

Nazarene Pastors LLL Code: 27853 (1 hour per class)

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Full Price £35 / Concessions** £25

*We are unable to provide recordings of MBS sessions but will circulate any presentations or handouts that our guest speakers make available

**Concessions include: Students 16+ (NTC students free registration); people with a disability; unemployed; retired.