The Sun is setting behind a Mosque during an English winter. Snow lines the roofs nearby. Photo: Oldham Chronicle

Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam

Nazarene Theological College (NTC) has inaugurated a centre of educational excellence in the area of Christianity and Islam

The College has developed, as part of its commitment to MCSCI, a new MA in Theology pathway, Christian Engagement with Islam, which is available either for local study or, through the College’s system of intensive residential learning, to a wider international learning community.

The Centre offers support for local Churches who seek to engage with their Muslim neighbours, for thoughtful Christians who are seeking to ‘find a voice’ in a multi-faith society, and for scholars who wish to develop research projects in this pivotal area.

The Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam (MCSCI) was formally launched in  March, 2014.

You can visit the MCSCI website here for more information on the research, training, and work they are carrying out. For more information about the events the Centre runs please click here.

The Vision

The centre seeks to work through teaching, learning, resourcing, equipping, and facilitating encounter and reflection in multiple ways:

  • at the grassroots, to engage people and churches and raise awareness of the need for Christians to encounter Muslim people and develop an understanding of the Islamic faith, traditions and practices;
  • by developing specific classes and programmes that explore ways Christians can encounter and engage with Islam in local and global settings;
  • partnering with others to train people engaged in mission;
  • developing research-led practice in relation to Islam and Christianity; with academic excellence, resourcing the global church with specialists.


Revd. Canon Phil Rawlings
Tel: 0161 438 1926 (Ext. 1935)
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Revd. Dr. Dwight D. Swanson
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