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A student on a short course looks endearingly towards the Theology lecturer Photo: Marlena White
NTC Learning Centres

As part of its commitment to support quality flexible learning, NTC delivers selected undergraduate course units off-site at locations in Belfast, Glasgow, Cornwall, and Garstang.

These classes are delivered by the NTC teaching team, usually in a combination of weekend and evening classes, to allow access to study for those who have other commitments during the day.

This allows you to study ‘on your doorstep’ in small, engaged classes: lots of opportunity to get your teeth into some serious material. Whether you are exploring a call to ministry, wanting to be a better-informed Christian in your workplace, or an active minister looking for some robust continuing education, these classes make an attractive option.

Students can take these classes for audit or for credit. Classes taken for credit contribute to the range of awards you can receive through the College. For a student ‘at a distance’, they can be combined with units taken by videoconference, and with units taken on the NTC campus (in intensive study format) to complete the Certificate in Theology.

See individual centre details below for units, dates and registration.

Garstang Learning Centre

The Garstang Learning Centre is a partnership with the Free Methodist Church

Garstang Free Methodist Church,
Windsor Rd, Garstang

Spiritual Formation

The course starts January 27th 2018

This unit studies, academically and practically, the voluntary responses of the individual believer to the saving grace of God in Christ which in turn results in a (conscious) relationship with God through the indwelling Holy Spirit and which is demonstrated within the community of believers and to the world.

The course unit aims to:

  • broaden and deepen experience of prayer and spiritual discipline through academic engagement and spiritual practice
  • develop an understanding of significant Christian spiritual traditions
  • engage with classic spiritual writers
  • explore the communal context of Christian spirituality
  • address the interrelationship of spirituality and social action

CLICK HERE to register for Spiritual Formation class in Garstang

Email the College for details of upcoming units.

Cornwall Learning Centre

The Pool Learning Centre is a partnership with the Free Methodist Church

The Light and Life Centre
Fore Street, Pool
TR15 3DZ

Contexts of Mission

This unit will help participants to evaluate different contexts and how to respond to them. Contexts might be geographic, (e.g. why do we do mission differently in Falmouth to Bodmin?) or abstract (how do we do mission in a specific youth culture or school?) Students will explore and use a variety of ‘tools’ to analyse contexts but, just as important, look at how to respond in contextualising the gospel for that situation. Assessment (for those taking the module on credit) is by essays linked directly to the student’s missional context and practice.
It is hard to imagine any church member for whom this would not be of value but it is obviously most directed at those in leadership and anyone keen to make sense of their situation and effectively communicate their faith into it.
As always, the teaching and study will combine real and substantial depth but be totally practical and ‘applied’.

The course starts February 2nd 2018

CLICK HERE to register for Contexts of Mission class in Pool

Email the College for details of upcoming units.


The Belfast Learning Centre is located at:
NCM House, 218 York Street,
BT15 1GY.

Email the Administrator for details of upcoming units.


The Glasgow Learning Centre meets at:
Parkhead Nazarene, 12-14 Burgher Street,
G31 4TB.

Email the College for details of upcoming units.