Partnership Information

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NTC seeks to foster a range of different partnerships in many different areas of the College.

Working collaboratively with a range of other organisations creates a more vibrant learning environment for our students – while also helping to promote our values to the wider world.

As a result, we welcome partnerships that meet our guiding principles –

Key Partnering Principles

In addition to an agreed common goal partnerships need guiding principles to hold them together.

Shared Values and objectives: the partnerships that we enter into will be with like-minded organisations for the sake of advancing God’s mission and/or the mission of the college.

Mutual Benefit: Each partner should cooperatively work, actively contribute, and each should be enriched by the cooperation. A partnership should work to achieving the common goal and bring benefits to each partner.

Trust and Transparency: NTC believes that openness and honesty are the prerequisites for a transparent and trusting relationship. We value dialogue, enabling partners to share experiences, ideas and constructive criticism. The partners will all have an equal right to input into the partnership.

Respect: The partners will operate with clarity, mutual respect and demonstrate high regard for one another.

Clear Responsibility: Each partnership will have a clearly designated leader, who will be charged with carrying the partnership forward, and be governed by a detailed authorised agreement setting out the rights and obligations of the parties, which is regularly monitored and reviewed.

Quality Assurance: Any academic partnership must reflect the expectations of the QAA ‘Quality Code’ (Chapter B10: Managing higher education provision with others), as well as the provisions of NTC’s partnership agreement with The University of Manchester.

Boundaries: The partnerships entered into will be reviewed from time to time to ensure that they are being maintained well.

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