Common Interest Partnerships

NTC Interest Group partner: An NTC Interest Group partner is a group/or sole organisation with whom NTC works for the purposes of influencing policy (normally at the government level) and sharing good practice in relevant areas. When working to influence government policy, NTC works on the basis of co-belligerence principles, adhering to a sole focus of partnership purpose.. E.g. QAA faith-based college group, ABCP, ABCB.

When addressing issues of policy, the purpose of the partnership is to build knowledge and capacity and draw on the evidence used to improve efficiency and inform the praxis decisions of others, specifically policy makers. This enables greater reach and louder voice and serves to represent multiple stakeholders to the policy makers. This level of partnership gives opportunity to influence government policy in favour of education and the private college sector.

When addressing issues of practice, the purpose of the partnership is to share approaches and procedures between institutions, which allows a reservoir of good practice to be developed, whether that relates to academic procedures and policies (FBCG), to administrative issues and concerns (ABCB), or wider issues within the sector (ABCP).