Community Partnerships

NTC Local community partner: The partnership is established locally and by mutual agreement to enhance the lives of the immediate geographic community or the student community (normally Manchester or GM). NTC can support local partnerships through facilities and personnel. Some financial considerations (e.g. rental of facilities, etc) are undertaken and NTC’s desire of not-for-profit driven in a local partnership arrangement. E.g. Didsbury Community Church, Counsellors.

NTC Local association: A local association is entered into to improve the community, build knowledge and develop capacity. The evidence of the association is used to improve efficiency, enable access, and inform the praxis of others. This type of partnership has a strong sense of local ownership and self-determination and builds and institutionalises local collaboration. E.g. Didsbury civic society, Arts festival.

NTC Global or National Alliance: Partners are given involvement and decision making within an independent formal structure operating transnationally. E.g. Work and Witness, IBOE