Learning Partnerships

Learning Partnerships

NTC Project: An NTC project is a partnership established, wholly operated, and governed by NTC. The project partner has mature programme implementation capacity and exists in its own right. NTC retains all rights and responsibilities for admission, registration, evaluation, quality assurance, and student support for such a project. Academic delivery will be by University-approved NTC faculty, and academic administration will be undertaken by the NTC Academic office. Partner organisations within a given geographic area will work alongside NTC to support delivery. e.g. NTC MA South Africa. Typically, an NTC project will be jointly funded.

NTC Partner: An NTC partner is a denomination, organisation or NGO who enters into a formal partnership agreement with NTC with the purpose of implementing an agreed set of activities that serve to transform the educational opportunities for a distinct community.   e.g. SSCM, Learning Centres and the Free Methodist Church.

NTC University partner: The unique relationship of NTC to The University of Manchester is such that this is our only University partner. The University validates the college’s courses, and as such approves all quality assurance policies and practices at NTC and monitors their effectiveness in ensuring the academic robustness and integrity of all NTC courses.

NTC University partner theological college: A University partner college is another University of Manchester validated theological college: such relationships enable NTC to develop and draw on best practice (and offer our own) to develop quality standards which can be shared with partners and replicated across the sector. These University partners are selected by The University of Manchester, and monitoring and evaluation of their quality is within the purview of The University of Manchester.

NTC Placement Partner: A placement partner offers field-based learning, which enables a student of NTC to build firsthand knowledge and expertise in core service delivery. The student thus gains credibility from doing, learning and evidence is used to enhance (and at post graduate level to publish) research. NTC supports placement partners with training (ie in Line Management skills), and undertakes a risk assessment with such partners.

NTC Learning partner: The partnership is established with the primary goal of learning and sharing information arising from partnership experiences (e.g. Global Consortium for Graduate Theological Education; MWRC; MCSCI). Flexible commitment to projects enables NTC to fund and learn from projects currently outside our area of expertise. NTC can share learning with partners and build their capacity to ensure sustainable service delivery for beneficiaries locally. This ranges from MOUs established for delivery of exchange of services (e.g., NTS) to informal support offered to sister institutions (e.g, EMNBC, SANBC, NTC-Brisbane).