Transactional Partnerships

NTC Consultative Partner: The partnership goal is to provide or receive advice and/or support for a set task rather than to develop and implement a project, e.g., a global programme for leadership training and development. The benefits of such a partnership enables economies of scale, enables strategic links with agencies that bring together power, resources and influence. These partnerships can act as a flexible short term asset and, by engaging in such projects can enable an outsourcing of technical work that enables NTC staff to focus on core work. Such partnerships also develop new skills that can be used within the organisation. E.g. SonisWeb; Rocksalt (IT);

NTC Business Partner: The partnership goal is to generate funding for NTC by providing a service for an organisation that makes use of ‘spare capacity’ at NTC. These transactional partnerships are carefully considered in cost-benefit terms, to ensure that the income generated is sufficient to warrant the commitment of time and resource. E.g. London University Exams; Slimming World; NordAnglia Language Schools.