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Students at NTC are the ‘everyday’ life of the college

– learning in classes, being shaped by what they read, and having access to good resources across the campus. The investment in students at this level is long term: the ripples spread to the many people they engage with in later life, around the world. If you would like to invest in the life of a student you may wish to consider donating to one of the following:

Help to Sponsor a Conference

(e.g.  £150 for Catering; £500 for a Conference Speaker; £250 Administration costs)
Every year NTC hosts a variety of conferences and special lecture series. These give an opportunity to draw together research students, faculty, alumni, and the wider community, who benefit from exposure to the teaching of world-class scholars. Our research-driven learning is a vital component:  it makes us work at the cutting edge of church, society, scholarship, and mission.

Currently we host the Didsbury Lectures in October, the Drysdale Lecture in April and the MWRC Colloquium in June. Look out for news of our Conferences on Facebook and the website and we hope you can join us for them. Click HERE to make a donation

Help to Sponsor a Bookshelf

(£18 average per book)
The resources of the Hugh Rae Library form an essential learning platform:  however ,if we want the College to attract students and give them the capacity to transform their world for Christ then we must continually invest in scouring the planet for the best scholarship for them to access while they are here – or electronically from wherever they are based in the world.

You could set-up a recurring monthly donation to buy a book a month.

Help to Sponsor a Lecturer / Class

(£500 per week)
One of the major costs of the College is in maintaining top quality personnel to lecture and teach. Each of our lecturers has invested time, energy and finance to become an authority in their field, and wants to develop young scholars to follow them and equip the church.  In order to help maintain these standards and develop and nurture current and future Faculty and staff on-going investment is needed.

Classes are the engine-room of College life  – don’t underestimate their importance. In them students experience those light-bulb moments of revelation that can transform the direction of their lives.

If you’d like to sponsor a class and then come along to experience a day in the life of the College then please email Debi Green at dgreen@nazarene.ac.uk

Help to Sponsor a Student

(£200 average fees per week)  
Our students at NTC come from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances. We always aim to encourage those who would want to study to study but for financial reasons find this to be difficult. Sponsoring a student may be a way you can help release the potential of someone who dreams of studying theology at NTC.

To keep up with news of the College and the lives of our students then please email ccherrill@nazarene.ac.uk and ask to be subscribed to The Link magazine.

To sponsor any of these ongoing costs please donate now.