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Dr David Smith, NTC Glasgow Centre, confides about his successful writing career.

Homepage Feature — 11th September 2018

Dr David Smith, Lecturer at NTC Glasgow Learning Centre, confides about his successful writing career.

We are delighted that David Smith is part of our visiting lecturer team at NTC Glasgow Learning Centre. David brings a wealth of practical as well as academic experience, but above all his gentle godly character is a great example to the students.

David has authored eight books which have grown out of his academic research and reflecting upon his time as a Baptist pastor in Cambridge and missionary in south-east Nigeria. His first major publication stemmed from his doctoral studies in 1998: Transforming the World? The Social Impact of British Evangelicalism. This significant work evaluates the response − or lack of it − of conservative churches to the secularisation in the UK.

While working in Oxford supporting students doing postgraduate studies David wrote what is probably his most widely read work: Mission After Christendom (2003). Renowned missiologist Professor Andrew Walls, in the foreword to this book describes David as a prophetic theologian who helps us know “what kind of day it is for the church, and how it differs from other days we knew, or thought ewe knew”.

David says of his writings that:

“A central concern which can be traced in everything I have written is with the need to understand a changing culture, to engage in what I have called ‘deep listening’ to the Bible, and then to relate these two spheres to each other.”

In 2007, David authored Moving Toward Emmaus: Hope in a Time of Uncertainty, which discloses his passion for mission in a complex global context. This wonderful wee book was translated into Russian, leading to invitations for book launches in Kiev and Moscow.

His Seeking A City with Foundations: Theology for an Urban World (2011), is a key text for our MA Theology (Urban Mission) along with The Kindness of God: Christian Witness in a Troubled World (2013), and Liberating The Gospel: Translating the Message of Jesus in a Globalised World (2016).

In his downtime, David enjoys spending time with his family, appreciating the arts − especially orchestral music − and watching Watford Football Club matches. Additionally, his students testify that David reveals Christ’s nature to everyone around him, being an active agent in helping to fulfil God’s Great Commission.

Thank you, David! It is a great blessing to have you as part of the NTC community.