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Empowering Leaders in Myanmar

Blog — 30th March 2022

Empowering Leaders in Myanmar

Our friends at Seedbeds are launching an exciting Change Incubator programme – and they need your help to do so!

Seedbeds is an organisation with a passion for growing leaders and communities into the fullness of life. Our partnership with the School for Urban Leadership enriches our MA programme, with Seedbeds delivering modules that are core and pathway options for our  MA in Theology (Urban Mission); MA in Theology (Humanitarian Development and Social Justice); MA in Theology (Transforming Leadership); MA in Theology (Ecology). Their new venture, however, is shaping lives further afield.

The Myanmar National Unity Government (NUG) requested help from Seedbeds to support the 350,000 workers involved in the Civil Disobedience Movement who cannot work in their regular jobs because of the Military Dictatorship. Based on Seedbeds’ MA and Change Makers community leaders programmes, they have designed a ‘Change Incubator’ process which will equip community leaders to grow their hopes for change into reality. The scheme comprises a range of online training and coaching, culminating in leaders presenting their pitch for change to a resource panel.

Starting in April 2022 the pilot Seedbeds Change Incubator programme will work with 60 community leaders handpicked by the NUG. To make the programme a success, they are seeking donations and recruiting volunteer tutors who can support participants in the process. 

Programme elements include:  

  • Online ‘Orientation’  – interactive sessions (via Zoom) that connect all students and tutors and help to inspire and set hopes/expectations.
  • Online ‘Seminars’ – a weekly Zoom meeting with class and tutor with the options of four streams (community development, enterprise, media and campaigning).
  • Online ‘Group Coaching’ – a monthly Zoom meeting with a tutor about the project proposal.
  • Residential ‘Intensive’ – an in-person residential event that includes lectures, seminars, tutorials, coaching and ‘pitch’ to a resource panel that can offer financial grants, scholarships, connections and further coaching

Seedbeds are recruiting volunteer tutors with skills in community development, enterprise, media, citizenship and campaigning. You do not need to have lots of experience in order to make a contribution, just the heart and desire to show practical solidarity with the community in Myanmar.

You would need to be available for:

  • 90 Minute Sessions Each Thursday night/Friday morning in April (3 Orientation sessions and 1 coaching session)
  • 90 Minute Sessions Each Thursday night/Friday morning in May (3 Seminars and 1 coaching session – Unit 1 with four streams)
  • 90 Minute Sessions Each Thursday night/Friday morning in June (3 Seminars and 1 coaching session – Unit 2 with four streams)
  • Two weeks in July/August: Residential on the Thai-Burma border including three streams of seminars and ‘pitch’ to a resource panel.

If you are interested in learning more or volunteering your time, you can visit the Seedbeds Change Incubator webpage or email info@seedbeds.org.