Friends of NTC

Old Friends, New Initiative

You’re invited to embark with us on a new initiative. Some of you will be recent graduates, with the ink still wet on your certificates. Others have been faithful supporters of NTC over many years, perhaps as members of the old 100 Club, complete with copper plaque. Others have responded consistently to the College’s appeals throughout the years and sustained it through challenges of various kind, and perhaps know someone or are even in one of the photos below!

We hope lots of you will have happy memories of NTC through your studies, ministries, or friendships, and just want to get involved in supporting a venture you’ve loved. We hope you can get a sense of the stories of grace that your support as a Friend of NTC make possible. Our alumni are working with refugees and supporting the homeless, leading prestigious institutions and shaping mission movements, working with governments and founding charities, leading churches large and small, in all corners of the globe. NTC has an international and interdenominational impact, and with your support that will continue to flourish.

No matter when or how you came to know NTC (or BINC, or Hurlet), we would love to welcome you as a Friend of NTC.

Being a Friend of NTC means investing in the College and future students by committing to a regular gift to the College. In return, Friends receive some key benefits as outlined below. For information on where donations might help NTC, including the current Principal’s Project, please visit our donate page.

Join Friends of NTC today with your gift to NTC

(North American Friends: Please see this link and contact friends@nazarene.ac.uk for more information)

First Students at the White House soon after purchase (1959)


What is Friends of NTC?

Friends of NTC is an initiative dedicated to ensuring NTC is around and thriving for many decades to come. Friends of NTC follows a tradition established in the 1970s by Dr Hugh Rae, Principal of the College. “The Doc” sought out those who cared deeply about NTC: lay leaders, NTC alumni, faculty, governors, ministers, business leaders, all with an affection for and connection with NTC, to invite them to invest in the life of NTC. Being a Friend of NTC means committing to give regularly to the College.

Why become a Friend?

In return for your regular gifts to NTC, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Membership in a select group of supporters
  • Invitation to annual gatherings limited to Friends of NTC members
  • One free class (online or in-person) annually
  • Regular communication from the College and the Principal

Faculty and Staff, 1989. From right to left: Carolyn White, Chris Cope, Heather Bell, Dwight Swanson, Tom Noble, Gordon Thomas, Herbert McGonigle, David McCulloch, Kent Brower

Stories of NTC’s Impact


Pastor Mick

I failed my first year and had no money, no accommodation, no cash and slept in my car. I will never forget Deirdre’s kindness and generosity once she heard about my situation.

Mick Fleming (BA’ 18), Pastor of Church on the Street, Burnley

Mick Fleming (BA, ‘18) is from Burnley and in his early days at NTC found himself in dire straits. “I failed my first year and had no money, no accommodation, no cash and slept in my car. I will never forget Deirdre’s kindness and generosity once she heard about my situation. She offered me a room at NTC and offered me work to help pay off my fees. I repeated the year, improved my reading and writing, and my E grades went to B grades! After my experience at NTC, I had to return to the streets of Burnley where I had wreaked havoc and caused so much pain, and tell the people there about how Jesus changed my life.”

Mick is the pastor-leader of Church on the Street in Burnley, a worshipping community that serves those who find themselves homeless, who struggle with addictions, or who are on the bread line. We caught up with Mick in 2022 for an alumni profile which you can read at this link. The Duke of Cambridge penned the forward to his new book Blown Away: From Drug Dealer to Life Bringer where he tells his story in fuller detail.

Dr Deirdre Brower Latz, Dr Filimão Chambo, Dr Samantha Chambo

NTC has a wonderful sense of community, and I’ve formed great friendships. At NTC, you really feel at home.

Samantha Chambo (PhD, ’22). Regional Education Coordinator for Church of the Nazarene (USA/Canada)

Samantha Chambo (PhD, ‘22) is from Johannesburg, South Africa and served as a pastor and Bible school teacher in Mozambique before coming to NTC for her MA. She loved the community at NTC during her MA, and that encouraged her to continue her PhD studies as a part time PhD student, visiting Manchester each year for research residency. Samantha currently serves as the Regional Education Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene USA/Canada region and lives in Lenexa, Kansas with her husband Dr Filimão Chambo, a General Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene and graduation speaker during Samantha’s graduation in October 2022.

Speaking about her experience, she says, “I like NTC’s vibe. It’s very stimulating and challenging. I always go home thinking that I’m not doing enough, that I need to do more. NTC has a wonderful sense of community, and I’ve formed great friendships. At NTC, you really feel at home.” The question of how Christian rituals can help Africans wrestle with their needs by seeking God rather than ancestors, spirits or talismans is what drove Samantha to pursue a PhD. Her research in biblical studies is focused on how Paul used rituals in 1 Corinthians to form Christian character. See more about Samantha’s research and ministry from our interview featured on our blog at this link.