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GET UP and… 7 tips for looking after your Mental Health during lockdown

Blog — 27th April 2020

7 tips for looking after your MH during lockdown from NTC Chaplain and Mental Heath First Aid Instructor, Michael Kane.

Just like our physical health, there are things we can do to preserve and improve our mental health. This feels particularly important in the midst of a Global Pandemic and National Lockdown.

1. Get up! One of the traps we can fall into when we don’t have much to do is to stay in bed too long; try to avoid this. Just like having too little sleep can affect us mentally, the same is true for too much sleep.

2. Get into a Routine! This one is linked with the previous tip. A routine keeps us motivated and helps us avoid mistakes that can be detrimental to our MH like staying up too late or eating constantly though the day.

3. Get Outside! Top up that vitamin D and receive all the MH benefits of sunshine and fresh air. (Please observe social distancing)

4. Get out of Breath! Daily exercise has long been proven to have many benefits for our MH. Find something you enjoy and it’s a double-bonus!

5. Get Offline! With almost everything operating online right now, it’s hard to avoid spending too much time in front of the screen. Try to monitor this, as it too can make us feel down. The same goes for Netflix and other TV streaming sites!

6. Get in Touch! If you’re on your own, try not to go too long without interaction with others. Why not use the time to contact an old friend? They’re probably looking for something to do also. Or write a letter! When was the last time you received one of those?

7. Get on your Knees! There are, of course, other postures to pray in, but be sure to set aside time for you to enjoy quiet reflection. With everything feeling out of kilter at the moment, a connection with the unchanging God can feel remarkably reassuring.

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