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Leadership and Change

Event — 17th March 2021

Leadership and Change

Postgraduate short course

This class explores and analyses issues and questions around the practice of leadership and change management. The aim of this course unit is to help students to reflect critically on their own practice of leadership and to use the biblical, theological and theoretical knowledge for holistic personal growth for the benefit of those whom they lead and for others.

Dates: June 5th – 12th 2021

Course Code: PT7631

Lecturer: TBC

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Short courses can be taken in two ways:

For the Joy of Learning (Audit)

This option means there is no coursework or assignments but full participation in the class.

  • Postgraduate course Fee: £270

For more advanced learning (Credit)

Classes can also be taken for NTC credit (dependent on completing successfully the coursework or assignments) without committing to a University of Manchester programme.

  • Postgraduate course Fee: £1549 Includes coursework and credit
  • Postgraduate course International Fee: £2112