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MA Netherlands
A student on a short course looks endearingly towards the Theology lecturer Photo: Marlena White

Partnership with the Church of the Nazarene (Netherlands) for the MA in Theology

NTC Manchester has established a partnership with the Church of the Nazarene in The Netherlands to enable ordination candidates to complete ordination studies using the MA in Theology as a vehicle for all or part of those requirements.  This route to ordination, approved by the International Church of the Nazarene, is particularly designed for those who already hold an undergraduate degree.

What is the MA?

The Master of Arts in Theology is a UK degree, validated by the University of Manchester.  The MA is designed around FOUR taught units and a dissertation: full time, it takes one year; part time, it takes two years to five years (depending on intensity of study).   The MA in Theology has a number of pathways: in Christian Holiness, in Wesley Studies, in Biblical Studies, in Urban Ministry, in Social Justice, in Global Mission, in Humanitarian Development, in Pastoral and Practical Theology.

I enrolled in NTC’s distance learning MA programme. For me, it was a near-perfect solution. I was able to pursue studies while working full time here in Denmark.

Why a cohort?

The plan is for a group of up to ten students to take the first TWO units of the MA together, to take units that are shaped to support Nazarene ordination.  The first unit will be in the area of Biblical studies (Christian Holiness in Biblical Perspective); the second, in the area of Christian Theology & Church History (Christian Holiness in Theological Perspective). The third and fourth units will allow students to specialise in different pathways, according to their interests, their calling, and their ministry (and according to the requirements they need to fulfil for ordination purposes).

Who can take this Course?

It is particularly designed for students who have completed a first undergraduate degree; who have a good level of English (6.5 on the IELTS scale); who are aiming for ministry in the Church of the Nazarene.

I’m not a Nazarene, or aiming for ordination – can I take it?

Subject to capacity, it will be available to those who are not Nazarene, or who are not ordination candidates (though the ‘Nazarene Discount’ won’t apply).

I feel as if I have been given a foundation to build a life of ministry upon.

How does the course work?

At the heart of each of the four course unit is a series of student-focussed seminars: ten of them, each lasting three hours.  Typically, these are run over a period of a week, or several weekends. But they are preceded by ten weeks of preparatory reading (there’s a LOT of reading), and then after the seminars you have about eight weeks to write up and submit your research essay.  Each student will lead ONE seminar, but is expected to prepare for and contribute to every seminar.  The last stage of the MA is the dissertation – 12-15,000 words, supervised by a member of the NTC faculty team.

Where will I study?

Both in The Netherlands, and in Manchester.  The first two units are designed to take place in The Netherlands, with the second two taking place in Manchester, on the NTC campus.

Do I have to do the whole thing?

Students can exit with TWO units and take a Postgraduate Certificate, or with FOUR units (no dissertation) for the Postgraduate Diploma.  Ordination candidates who already hold a first degree in theology may be approved for ordination with just the PGCert by their district or other relevant body. Ordination candidates who already hold a first degree in theology may meet the educational requirements for ordination by their district or other relevant body with just the PGCert.

If you want to be pastor and teacher not willing to give the easy superficial answers, you must read, think and be moulded and educated by wise and pious teachers.

What would the cost be?

NTC has agreed a fee for the cohort that will be set at the 2018-19 MA fee level.  Scholarship support will be available for Nazarene Ordination candidates from the Netherlands District, and candidates are encouraged to apply to the Regional Scholarship Committee (Eurasia Region) for additional funding support. They can apply here for the Scholarship forms and will need to do so before the 1st of April for studies that start in September or later in the subsequent school year.

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