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MiJa Wi new book published

News — 28th March 2019

Dr MiJa Wi, Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Global Mission, recently had a book published entitled: The Path to Salvation in Luke’s Gospel: What Must We Do? We asked MiJa to answer a few simple questions about the book.

What is the book about and who is it for?

The book is about the message of salvation in Luke’s Gospel in relation to social-economic issues. It examines what ‘good news to the poor’ means (Lk. 4:18), and, more critically, is there any good news to the rich? Luke has this recurring question: ‘What must we/I do?’ throughout the Gospel and this book offers an answer to that question on the lips of the rich. The book is for those who are interested in biblical studies, but it is also for all followers of Christ who are concerned about the huge gap between rich and poor and the economic disparity due to political oppression and social injustice. It invites the readers today to ask the question: “What must we/I do?” along with Luke’s first audience.


Why did you write this book?

The work has grown out of the question: “What does it mean when the scripture says: ‘good news to the poor’? that has disturbed me for over ten years since I lived and worked among the poor in Bangladesh and then in the Philippines.

It invites the readers today to ask the question: “What must we/I do?” along with Luke’s first audience.


In what way has it impacted your own faith?

It constantly challenges me. My life is consciously or unconsciously very much shaped by the materialistic world in which I live. What does it mean to live out my faith in social-economic terms?


What have you found most challenging in writing the book?

The most challenging part in writing the book with this particular topic from Luke’s Gospel is to find my own voice and argument in this crowded area of research.


What have you found most joyful or positive in writing the book?

Writing each chapter had been a transforming process. I particularly enjoyed the ‘God’ moments as I worked on the chapters 5 and 9 in particular.


Is there a follow up book on the horizon?

Well, I think there will be something worth researching on wealth (mammon) in the Acts of the Apostles. I am interested in looking further at the issues of wealth, particularly in the context of religious business (i.e. Simon the magician, fortune-telling in Philippi, the silversmiths of the goddess Artemis, etc.) in Acts.


The book is currently available at the following online stores:

Bloomsbury  Amazon