NTC Online: Reading the Bible

NTC Online: Reading the Bible

The Bible is central to our life of faith but it can be a rather overwhelming book: there is the historical and social world that differs so vastly from ours, there is the odd mix of stories, poems, and letters, and, of course, there is the question of how any of this applies to us today. These questions pour forth from the text and collide with our own personal background, our interests, our struggles.

This short course paves the road for you to engage with confidence and curiosity with this quest of interpretation. It is not a series of lectures about the Bible, but rather it is about learning to read the Bible, on your own, with others, and with Christ. The format of this course is personal and practical, makes space for reflection, and opens up a whole new world of discovery both for long-term Bible readers and for those who have just started.

This course is being delivered entirely asynchronous, that means that you can start it whenever you want and complete it in your own time (though we recommend that you schedule 7-10 weeks from start to finish). Each of the learning units includes a guided reading exercise and an online forum where you can share some of your own insights and read and respond to the posts of other course members.

This course is delivered by Dr Samuel Hildebrandt, lecturer in Biblical Studies.

NTC Online: Reading the Bible Content

1 introduction video

7 video lectures that come with a handout summary:

  • Beginning to read the Bible
  • Reading Old Testament Narrative
  • Reading Old Testament Poetry
  • Reading Old Testament Prophetic Literature
  • Reading New Testament Gospels
  • Reading New Testament Letters
  • Reading with Others and with Christ

6 guided reading exercises which invite you to put your learning into practice:

  • Listening to God’s monologues in Genesis 1-11
  • Studying Saul’s servants in 1 Samuel
  • Analysing Psalm 3
  • Journeying through Jeremiah
  • Hearing Jesus’ sermon in Luke 4 in context
  • Discovering the unity of Ephesians 2

7 online discussion forums.

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