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One Day Theology Conference & Book Launch

Event — 14th May 2019

One-day Theology Conference & Book Launch
21 June 2019
8:30am to 3:30pm Maclagan Chapel

Nazarene Theological College will be hosting the annual ‘One-Day Theological Conference’. The conference will be held in the J B Macalgan Chapel at 8:30am and will finish at 3:30pm. Tea and coffee and a light lunch will be available after the book launch.

08:30 Welcome and Prayers

Peter Rae, PhD, Dean and Chair of RDC, Nazarene Theological College

08:45 – 09:25 Short Paper One

“An Assessment of Paul’s dictum in 2 Thess. 3:10 from an African Perspective”

Gift Mtukwa, PhD candidate

09:30 – 10:10 Short Paper Two

“René Girard on Imitation and the Powers”

J R Woodward, PhD Candidate

10:15 – 10:55 Short Paper Three

“Jesus’ earthly and heavenly Offerings in the Epistle to the Hebrews: An engagement with recent scholarship”

Josh Bloor, PhD candidate

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break

11:15—12:40 Main Paper

“An African Contextual Reading of James 1”

Ayo Adewuya PhD, Professor of New Testament, Pentecostal Theological Seminary , Cleveland, Tennessee

12:45– 13:15 A light lunch will be available for a nominal fee

13:15 – 13:55 Short Paper Four

“Nothing Stands Alone: The Means of Grace and Mission in Wesley’s Theology”

Justin Bradbury, PhD Candidate


Book Launch

14:00 Welcome

Kent Brower, Director of Research

14:05 – 14:30 Mi Ja Wi

Lecturer in Missiology and Biblical Studies

The Path to Salvation in Luke’s Gospel: What Must We Do? (T & T Clark 2019)

Response: Svetlana Khobnya

14:35 – 15:00 Julie Lunn

Lecturer in Practical Theology

The Theology of Sanctification and Resignation in Charles Wesley’s Hymns (Routledge 2018)

Response: Geordan Hammond

15:00-15:30 Reception with refreshments