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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in online degrees at NTC! Below you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions about our online programmes. If your question still isn’t answered, please reach out to us at admissions@nazarene.ac.uk.

➡️Can I complete my course 100% online?

Yes! You will also have the option to come to the campus for classes, but all the required modules will be available online if that isn’t an option for you. There are a few exceptions, and you’ll find those stated clearly under the individual pathways for undergraduates and postgraduates respectively.

➡️Why should I study at NTC?

Academic Excellence
NTC is an approved partner of the University of Manchester. That means that we develop classes and degrees that are then approved by and lead to an award from the University of Manchester, a world-class, Russell Group institute.

We offer both on campus and online classes. Our online classes were intentionally designed to accommodate your schedule while maintaining high academic standards. To strike the right balance, our online classes require students to attend live sessions each week when classes are in session. We recognise that many online students have daytime commitments, so we primarily schedule our classes in the late afternoon or evening (UK time).

Faith Community
With students from over 25 countries and over 20 denominations, NTC is not just an academic community: it’s also a diverse, faith community. A central part of student life is embedded in worship, whether in regular chapel services, in weekly pastoral care groups, or in the informal spaces in
college life all of which are present in our online programme.

Our fees are below the UK average for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Lower cost for higher education!

➡️Are there residency requirements?

No, you can study from anywhere without traveling to NTC. We do offer some short residential classes each year that you can attend in person, but these classes are entirely optional.

➡️How do online classes work?

We want to make sure our online students have as positive an experience as our on campus students, so they have a lot of similarities. You will have synchronous (at the same time) lectures together with your classmates, work through the same books, and complete the same assignments. Sometimes online and on campus students join together for lectures, and sometimes online students learn as an online cohort, but everyone has the same content for their degrees.

Yes, you can complete our BA (Hons) or MA course 100% online!

➡️Will my completed degree be accredited?

Yes! Just like our other degrees, yours will be fully validated by the University of Manchester. Learn more here.

➡️Will I be able to meet with the lecturer?

Yes. Just like on campus students, lecturers will be available to meet with online students depending on their availability throughout the semester.

➡️How long will it take to complete my degree?

That depends on how quickly you want to study! A full-time Bachelor of Arts degree is usually 3 years, so if you wanted to study at 50% full-time (half-time), you might finish it over 6 years for example.

➡️Will I get access to a library?

As an NTC student, you will receive access to NTC’s online holdings, including e-books and journals, as well as all the resources your class lecturers upload to Moodle.

NTC’s courses are academically validated by the University of Manchester, a Russell Group institution.

➡️Will I get a student card?

We are happy to post your student ID card to you. Just let us know after you are registered!

➡️Once I complete my course, can I attend graduation in person?

Absolutely – we love to have as many people gather for graduation as possible, so come, and bring your family and friends too! Here are the most recent graduation highlights from Autumn 2022.

➡️What are the fees for online learning?

For 2023-24, undergraduate fees are

  • £4,625 for UK-based students per year
  • £4,750 for International students per year

Note that for 2023-24, our first cohort will be limited to part time undergraduates only, and these fees reflect the cost for part time study.

For 2023-24, postgraduate (MA) fees are

  • £2,140 per module for UK-based students
  • £3,264 per module for international students

Our MA contains 4 modules. Including the £400 dissertation fee, your entire MA will cost less than £9,000 for UK-based students and roughly £13,500 for international students.

➡️Do you offer scholarships for online students?

While we always try to offer some small needs-assessed discounts for students who can’t use student loans, we generally aren’t able to offer large bursaries to students. Many of our students who are training for ministry might be supported by their churches or organisations for part of their tuition fees.

➡️Do online students qualify for UK student loans?

If you are eligible for UK student loans for on campus study, you are usually eligible for them for online study too. So, if you are a UK resident and haven’t studied at undergraduate or postgraduate level before, you will probably be eligible for a student loan at that level to cover your tuition. Online students usually aren’t eligible for additional loans covering living expenses.

➡️Do online students from the USA qualify for US student loans?

As of Summer 2023, US federal loans no longer apply to online learning. Americans seeking educational loans will need to consult private lenders instead. You can find more information about the different types of student loans at this link.

Note: Americans applying to study in person are eligible for US Federal Aid and can apply for direct student loans by completing the FAFSA. NTC’s FAFSA code is G37703.

➡️How do I apply?

We use the same application for both on campus and online students. Simply tick the box indicating that you’ll be an online student. If you’re ready to go, you can get the ball rolling by filling out our online application form for Undergraduate programmes, or this one for Postgraduate (MA) students.

For undergraduate applications, you’ll need:

  • £30 application fee
  • Exam certificates, diplomas, and/or academic transcripts
    • 2 A-levels or equivalent are usually required, but non-traditional entry is available. Email us at info@nazarene.ac.uk to discuss your options.
  • One academic reference
  • IELTS scores (if applicable)

Apply to undergraduate programmes

For postgraduate (MA) applications, you’ll need:

  • £30 application fee
  • Exam certificates, diplomas, and/or academic transcripts
    • An honours degree in relevant subject. If your BA (Hons) is not relevant to your MA course, we offer pre-MA studies to ensure your success at a postgraduate level.
  • Two academic references
  • IELTS scores (if applicable)

Apply to postgraduate programmes

That’s it! As always, let us know if you have any trouble by emailing admissions@nazarene.ac.uk. We’re here to help!

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