Revd Deirdre Brower Latz

Revd Deirdre Brower Latz BA, MA, PhD (Manchester)

Principal and Senior Lecturer in Pastoral and Social Theology

Email: dbrowerlatz@nazarene.ac.uk

I love these quotes by Cornel West: ‘Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public’ and ‘You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.’ I aspire to live my life in the light of justice, love and service.’

I was born in Canada, the daughter of passionate Christian parents who joined a love for God with a love of learning. We moved between the UK and Canada several times before finally settling in Manchester in my late teens. I pastored churches in Urban Bristol and Manchester serving in both settings in co-vocational roles – as Youth Pastor and then as lecturer in Pastoral and Social Theology at NTC in Manchester.  As a result of my pastoral work I became increasingly interested in issues of justice and transformation, urban realities and practices – all joined with an intense love of learning and theology.

I pursued education while I was pastoring and completed my M.A at NTC Manchester in the area of corporate holiness and my PhD from the University of Manchester, focussing on contextual readings of John Wesley’s theology and issues of ecclesiology, justice and urban poverty. My PhD and practice combine to make me increasingly passionate about the churches engagement with poverty as an issue of justice and faith. I write at the popular level for Preachers’ Magazine, Holiness Today and have chapters published in a range of books. I still teach alongside leading NTC and am especially interested in teaching and exploring issues relating to Urban Mission and Ministry, Wesley, Wesleyan theology, contextual and practical theology.

I love thinking alongside others and engaging in the area of social justice: exploring theology, hospitality, mission as justice, engaging with poverty and deepening our call to be fully Christ-like in relation to others. I would welcome enquiries from doctoral students wanting to work in those areas.