Revd MiJa Wi

Revd MiJa Wi BA, MDiv, MA, PhD (Manchester)

Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Global Mission

Email: mwi@nazarene.ac.uk

I am originally from South Korea and studied French literature for my undergraduate degree (BA). After becoming a believer while in Vancouver, Canada, I spent a summer abroad in the USA. My life journey as a mission practitioner and as an academic has led me to live as ‘a resident alien’ in many countries, including New Zealand, Bangladesh, the Philippines and the UK, over thirteen years. Some of my cross-cultural mission and ministerial experience include working with OM (Operation Mobilization) in Bangladesh while living with a Bengali family and initiating and pastoring a house church in a Manila slum while completing the MDiv at APNTS (Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary). Currently, my husband, Eun Ho, and I are pastoring Manchester YeDam Church of the Nazarene, a growing Korean congregation, which seeks to serve wider communities.

Seeking to find ‘home’ in various countries has shaped much of who I am and how I engage with God and the Bible. I conducted my academic research by asking the meaning of the scriptural expression, ‘good news to the poor’, both in its own biblical context and considering its implications in today’s world. My PhD thesis examined Luke’s message of salvation in relation to socio-economic issues, highlighting divine mercy and justice and calling for human embodiment of it.

I am a member of British New Testament Society and a regular reviewer of Journal for the Study of New Testament. While I am fascinated by Bible and mission, my research interests include a wide range of fields in relation to the New Testament, its Graeco-Roman and Jewish contexts and diverse issues in global missions.

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