Revd Stephen John Wright

Revd Stephen John Wright BA (Hons.), Grad. Dip. Arts, MTh, PhD (Charles Sturt)

Senior Lecturer in Christian Theology and Wesley Studies

Email: swright@nazarene.ac.uk

I am interested in a broad range of topics including christology, the doctrine of God, theology and the arts, Wesleyan theology, divine transcendence, the doctrine of creation, and theological language.

I arrived from Australia to teach theology at NTC in 2015. Having forsaken the southern sunshine, I distract myself from the intemperate English weather with books, warm drinks, and conversation. I was raised in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Australia, and undertook my first degrees at the denominational training college in Melbourne: Kingsley College. After moving to Sydney to engage in pastoral ministry, I studied for an MTh with the Catholic Institute of Sydney, before pursuing PhD studies in theology at Charles Sturt University. My doctoral research saw me construct a theology of beauty in dialogue with the work of Robert W. Jenson.

I teach and supervise in areas relating to Christian doctrine, culture, theological aesthetics, and historical theology. Recent essays have seen me working on theologies of beauty, christology, music, Robert Jenson, Wesleyan theology, and the theology of prayer. I also have interests in a wide array of early and modern theologians. I welcome inquiries from students interested in studying or researching in these or other areas of theology.

I publish articles and reviews in a variety of forums. I edited Robert W. Jenson’s most recent book of essays: Theology as Revisionary Metaphysics: Essays on God and Creation (Cascade, 2014). And my doctoral thesis has been published as Dogmatic Aesthetics: A theology of beauty in dialogue with Robert W. Jenson (Fortress Press, 2014).