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Let’s raise the roof!

News — 7th October 2020

Principal’s project 2021 – 2023

And… introducing our next miracle story! Let’s raise £200,000 and raise the roof!

A roof raised! The genteel old lady of the White House has been an incredible gift to NTC. Ever since Dr. Hugh Rae and others had the vision, put their backs into it, it has served as home, dining room, kitchen, family accommodation, warden’s flats, studies, Phd-examinations, parties, wedding reception venues, funeral space… It has become revamped with posh new reception areas and shiny radiators, polished oak seamlessly next to comfy chairs, and sleek photocopiers wirelessly connected… It’s a hub, a centre, and it breathes!

I think that when the building hears voices it almost smiles and it makes me think of the Psalms… and poets – ‘these walls cry out…’ or… ‘the tales it could tell.’  But – its 107 year old roof is sagging a bit… Who can blame it? We’d creak too if we were holding up the weight of hope on our shoulders – and so, we’re going to fix it. Of course, because of its dignity – fixing it isn’t a duck tape, spit and polish job. Instead, laboriously and with craftsmanship, piece by piece it will be taken down and rebuilt… To do this, we need your help…

Did you know that 1sqm of the NTC roof weighs over 1 tonne!

To help us raise the roof you can choose to donate:

  • £5 to sponsor a nail
  • £10 to sponsor a scaffolding pole
  • £25 to sponsor wooden beams
  • £100 to sponsor a stone tile
  • Or sponsor the amount you feel comfortable with

Donating is easy, simply click on the link below!