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Remembering Revd Geoff Austin

Blog — 1st December 2021

It is with sadness, love and yet in so many ways, with celebration and joy, that we remember Revd Geoff Austin, who passed away 22nd July 2021.

Geoff trained in ministry at NTC and graduated in 1977 with a ThB degree. He faithfully served Christ through the Nazarene Church for nearly 40 years. It was while they were both attending NTC that Geoff met his wife Jane, after which they had three wonderful children – Jaime, Jonathan and Jo-Anne. Both Geoff and Jane continued to immerse themselves in both prayerful and practical support of the college. It’s fair to say that NTC became as much a part of their family, as they became and remained part of the community and family here. Both daughters, Jaime and Jo-Anne, and son-in-law, Nathan Payne are also graduates of NTC. Jonathan, who now lives in Ohio, graduated from Eastern Nazarene University. The spirit of our global, and yet somehow very local community, is truly alive and still at work in and through Geoff’s family.

In 2016, having retired from Church leadership, Geoff and Jane returned to NTC and spent a semester on campus, pastorally supporting students and a team of volunteers. NTC Principal, Revd Dr Deirdre Brower Latz speaks fondly of Geoff:

“Geoff was a man of wisdom, humour and humility. He radiated warmth and gave everything of himself to Christ, the Church, his family and all those he served. He was also a faithful servant to NTC. While we miss him, we remember him and all he did for us with absolute joy. As a College community we join with all who knew Geoff in celebrating the wonderful man of God that he was. We will remember him with love, always.”