Resilient Discipleship

Resilient Discipleship: The Call to Christian Spirituality in Urban Contexts

This unit explores the nature and call of Christian discipleship as a core motif to sustaining life and ministry in complex urban contexts. What are the biblical, theological and practical frameworks that can be discerned for faithful, resilient and relevant urban engagement as Christ-followers? How can Christian discipleship inform and inspire our spirituality, leadership practices and vision for God’s in-breaking, new urban world?

This unit focuses on the specific connections between spirituality, mission and discipleship and the challenges faced by people involved in mission in urban, global cultures. Designed to be delivered in different urban settings, it is concerned with understanding the presence of God outside the church and in unusual places, but able to take Jesus more seriously in personal, communal and public ways. A central concern of this unit is the dualistic framework (sacred/secular) for understanding the experience and activity of God. This unit seeks to address this directly through helping the student to reconceive his/her relationship to God and the world in more resilient, biblical and holistic ways. This unit will also explore the nature and character of sustainable discipleship in relation to contemporary cultural situations and alternative religions and world views.

Tutors and course lecturers

Guest lecturers via Zoom include:

Times and Dates

  • 9-16 January, 2021


£270 For the joy of learning (Audit- no coursework, just participate in the class).

£1700 Includes coursework and credit

£2250 International fees

Location This class will be run online through videoconferencing or on location at The Greenhouse, Birmingham

Course Code PT7690 (Postgraduate)

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Course Tutors

Revd Dr Ash Barker

Ash Barker is a pioneering urban activist, leadership developer, writer and Minister. A husband to a force of nature and Dad to 2 amazing kids, Ash spent over 25 years immersed and ministering in urban poverty contexts in his native Melbourne and Bangkok’s largest slum, before moving to Winson Green (Birmingham, UK) in 2014. In Winson Green Ash shares life from NewbiginHouse.uk and leads the School for Urban Leadership and Red Letter Christians UK.’

Dr Sally Mann

Sally Mann has a PhD in Philosophy and Theology and lectures in Sociology. She is a minister at Bonny Downs Baptist Church where she is the 4th of 5 generations of her family to stay put and serve in that East-End community. Sally is on the editorial board of the Journal of Missional Practice www.journalofmissionalpractice.com where she loves to curate stories of people doing amazing things in their communities and ask what on earth God is up to through all of it?

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