Short Courses

Short Courses 

Short courses offer many ways to study. They are an inexpensive and flexible way to build towards the vocation you want or a good way to expand your personal learning and professional development.

Short Course Options

You may audit courses or take them for credit without committing to a degree programme.

Audit: For the joy of learning

This option means there is no coursework or assignments but full participation in the class.

    • Undergraduate course Fee: £90
    • Postgraduate course Fee: £270

Credit: For more advanced learning

Classes can also be taken for NTC credit dependent on completing successfully the coursework or assignments without committing to a University of Manchester programme. Up to 6 earned NTC credit units at level 4 can be transferred into the first year of a University of Manchester undergraduate programme.

    • Undergraduate course Fee: £225 for first 10 credit unit taken and £360 thereafter for each 10 credit unit
    • Postgraduate course Fee: £1575 Includes coursework and credit
    • Postgraduate course International Fee: £2150

All courses featured below are available to audit or to take for credit as short courses, and you can register for them by clicking the button below. If we are not currently offering a course you are interested in, we also offer non-validated short courses through our NTC Online platform and through Manchester Bible School.

Register for a Summer Intensive 2023 Short Course

Summer Intensive 2023 Courses

Courses marked ** indicate online options available. Courses are five days of full-time study.

Undergraduate Level

Intensive Week One (May 15-19, 2023)

  • Prophets (OT5202)
    • A study of selected OT prophets as a means to understanding the role and message of the OT prophets in their own day, before moving on to consider possible relevance to the long-term future.
  • Youth & Community Work: Applications (ST6350)
    • This unit will explore how the values and practices associated with youth and community work and ministry may be applied in various types of work. Examples of relevant applications include: working with children; community development; adult learning; detached work and school’s work.

Intensive Week Two (May 22-26, 2023)

  • New Forms of Church (PT6305)
    • An exploration and evaluation of new models of Church, and the theological issues that shape them, to enable students to develop skills and practices that allow them to engage in this aspect of mission.
  • Foundations for Youth Ministry (PT4150)
    • This unit looks at a range of approaches to Christian youth ministry, from its beginnings in the UK as part of youth and community work, to the current role of the youth minster, the spiritual development of young people, and the different ways that young people can be introduced to, nurtured, discipled, and actively participate within the Christian faith.

Weeks One & Two (May 15-26, 2023)

  • ** Wesley Studies (CH5304)
    • This unit examines the origins and development of the eighteenth-century Evangelical Revival in Britain with a focus on the life and work of John Wesley.


Postgraduate Level

  • TBC
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NTC Online 

NTC Online is an exciting new initiative, of non-validated short courses, designed for persons who have an interest in learning more about the Bible, theology, church history, or ministry, but do not have the time, nor the need, to pursue a degree-level qualification*.

NTC Online Homepage

Manchester Bible School

Manchester Bible School courses are suitable for Christians with a basic grounding in the faith, but who want to increase their knowledge of God’s Word to help them in their Christian lives and service. Some courses aim to introduce topics, while others will build on previous courses to deepen engagement with the topic.

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