Short Courses

Our short courses offer many ways to study

Short courses are an inexpensive and flexible way to build towards the vocation you want or a good way to expand your personal learning and professional development.

Short courses can be taken in two ways:

For the Joy of Learning (Audit)

This option means there is no coursework or assignments but full participation in the class.

  • Undergraduate course Fee: £90
  • Postgraduate course Fee: £270

For more advanced learning (Credit)

Classes can also be taken for NTC credit (dependent on completing successfully the coursework or assignments) without committing to a University of Manchester programme. However, up to 6 earned NTC credit units at level 4 can be transferred into the first year of a University of Manchester undergraduate programme.

  • Undergraduate course Fee: £225 for first 10 credit unit taken and £360 thereafter for each 10 credit unit
  • Postgraduate course Fee: £1549 Includes coursework and credit
  • Postgraduate course International Fee: £2112

Undergraduate short courses available in Spring 2021

Details to follow for the Autumn 2021 short courses

Postgraduate short courses available in 2020-2021

Community Engagement: Building Communities of Shalom

This course unit explores contextual theologies of community engagement. Students will explore values that need to be embraced by the church if its community engagement is to be effective. Participants will explore tools for the identification of community assets that can be drawn upon to engage with complex problems occurring within communities and thus help the whole community move towards shalom.

Dates: Friday and Saturday 2-3 July,  9-10 July, 16-17 July

Lecturer: Dr Ash Barker

Course Code: ST7680

The Seminars are online by zoom, with the option to join the zoom class while in residence at The Greenhouse facility at Barnes Close, near Birmingham

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Short courses available this Autumn 2o21

  • BS4110 Intro to Biblical Studies
  • BS4130 Story of God
  • NT5202 Paul and His Epistles
  • OT5203 Psalms and Wisdom
  • OT5301 Hebrew Language
  • 20 credit OT unit – TBC
  • CT5001 Knowing God as Triune
  • CH5201 Early Church
  • CH4120 Church History
  • CT4001 Knowing God in Christ
  • CT6000 Knowing God: Christian Hope
  • PT4130 Spiritual Formation
  • ST6305 Social Justice
  • PT5295 Professional and Reflective Practice
  • ST6330 Islam in Contemporary Britain
  • PT6302 Theology of Mission
  • ST4190/6390 Contemporary Issues: Anti-Racist Practice
  • ST4150 Youth and Community Essentials
  • ST6350 Youth and Community Applications

NTC Online Non-validated short Courses

NTC Online is an exciting new initiative, designed for persons who have an interest in learning more about the Bible, theology, church history, or ministry, but do not have the time, nor the need, to pursue a degree-level qualification*.

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Manchester Bible School

The courses are suitable for Christians with a basic grounding in the faith, but who want to increase their knowledge of God’s Word to help them in their Christian lives and service. Some courses aim to introduce topics, while others will build on previous courses to deepen engagement with the topic.

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