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Short Courses
A student on a short course looks endearingly towards the Theology lecturer Photo: Marlena White

Our short courses offer many ways to study

Why not explore learning with Nazarene Theological College, enhance your personal or ministerial formation, or build on the units you’ve studied by taking an evening class or one of our other flexible study options?

There are numerous ways to study on a short-term basis. Whether it’s a single class that interests you or a number of classes over a longer period, the chance to become part of the academic community here at NTC is yours. The following information will help you decide what to register for:

Audit/Credit Classes (One-off classes)

NTC welcomes students who simply want to take a course unit or two. ‘Audit students’ don’t have to go through the formality of application and interviews, but can simply register online using the link below before the start of the semester. There are no examinations or coursework for audit classes so you can join in simply for the pleasure of learning!
Individual evening classes and day classes can also be taken for credit (dependent on completing all the coursework), but without committing to a full college programme. Course units earned can then be transferred into a Certificate, Diploma, or full Degree course. Each class is two hours long and usually run for eleven weeks through the semester or a one-week ‘intensive’.

To register for any of our individual evening or daytime classes you can use the online form or send an email to enquiries@nazarene.ac.uk

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Spring 2019 UG weekly courses (Manchester and Glasgow)

Each class is two hours long and usually runs for eleven weeks through the semester, commencing the week beginning February 4th. Last date to register for UG Spring classes is February 15th 2019.



  • NT6308 Studies in Luke/Acts (12pm-3:30pm)

This advanced unit provides an examination of the dominant historical and theological themes of Luke and Acts in the light of recent studies.


  • BS4120 Biblical Backgrounds (8:45-10:45am)

The unit is designed to provide the foundational background for further work in Biblical Studies by looking specifically at the historical, cultural, and religious contexts into which the Bible was born.


  • ST4190 Contemporary Issues: Homelessness (7:00pm-9:15pm, 8-weeks)

This Contemporary Issues unit considers the complex issues of homelessness in England and challenges Christian to explore and think about responses to these.

  • ST4180 Contexts of Mission (1:30-3:30pm)

An introduction to identifying contexts of mission (primarily in the UK) through evaluating contextualisation issues, current trends and localised factors. The course will enable students to learn how to identify diverse contexts and challenges of mission and respond through appropriate methods and relevant organisational structures.

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  • BS4130 Story of God (9:45-11:55am)

This course unit is designed to introduce the grand narrative of scripture with its focus on the mission of God from creation to the new heaven and earth. It is intended to help prepare the student for further studies in biblical theology.

  • ST4190 Contemporary Issues: Theological engagement with gender and sexuality (2:30-4:30pm)

The unit will offer an overview of the central issues faced when thinking about gender and sexuality in the 21st Century from a biblical, theological and pastoral perspective.


  • PT4130 Spiritual Formation (9:45-11:55am)

This unit studies, academically and practically, the voluntary responses of the individual believer to the saving grace of God in Christ which in turn results in a (conscious) relationship with God through the indwelling Holy Spirit and which is demonstrated within the community of believers and to the world.


Special rates for UG units

  • Audit only £90 per 10 credit unit (no coursework, just participate in the class)
  • ‘Taster’ Unit £225 (includes coursework and credit if this is your first 10 credit unit)
    (Full price after first unit if completing for credit, £595 per 10 credit unit)

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Intensive Units

The College has two short ‘intensive’ sessions: one is in January, and one in May. There is also one in September for the Glasgow and Manchester-based Youth and Community students. This allows full- and part-time students to take a course unit within a one-week intensive period (for undergraduates) or one to two week period (for MA units); classes usually run from 9am-3:30pm.  The next set of Undergraduate and Postgraduate intensives are:

  • Undergraduate intensive units 2019 (Manchester)

  • May 13th-17th 2019: PT4103 Theories and Strategies of Evangelism; ST4150 Youth and Community Work: Essentials
  • May 20th-24th 2019: OT5202 Prophets; CH5305 Wesley Studies; PT6320 Starting Healthy Churches

To register please use the online forms below or send us an email for more information and details of forthcoming MA intensive units.

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Download the full Academic Calendars for Manchester and Glasgow

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