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Spirituality, Maturity and Ageing

Event — 17th February 2021

Spirituality, Maturity and Ageing

The course unit seeks to provide you with the opportunity to engage with crucial issues related to spirituality, maturity, and ageing, and to interact creatively with them through personal research, corporate and contextual learning experiences and critical reflection.

The class will help you critically engage with study and research in the area of spirituality, maturity, and ageing, particularly in relation to church ministry and Christian responsibility. You will develop a critical awareness of key issues related to spirituality, maturity, and ageing, in order to empower and inform a broad spectrum of students.  These might include practising ministers, Christian professionals in the care sector, chaplains, lay pastoral visitors in churches, hospitals, and care homes, and students with an interest in spirituality and/or working with older people.


8th – 15th January 2022 (Reading will start from the end of October 2021)


For the Joy of Learning (Audit)

This option means there is no coursework or assignments but full participation in the class.

  • Postgraduate course Fee: £270

For more advanced learning (Credit)

  • Postgraduate course Fee: £1700 Includes coursework and credit
  • Postgraduate course International Fee: £2250 Includes coursework and credit

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