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Louise Kenyon, NTC Alumni, posing with a model of a king's head.

Louise Kenyon

Louise's Story

Pastor Afeef halasah preaches at the conference awake church.
Photo: lagoinha.com

Afeef Halasah

Afeef's Story

Andrew Graystone
Photo: Howard Barlow

Andrew Graystone

Andrew's Story


Samantha Chambo

Samantha's Story

Group 3

Sammy Robinson

Sammy's Story

Group 2

Julianne Burnett

Julianne's Story

Gift Mtukwa

Gift Mtukwa

Gift's Story

Mwesi Magumba portrait

Mwesi Magumba

Mwesi's Story

What’s it like to study at NTC?

Faith, community, and learning, together

We’ve been careful to create a place of learning that is relaxed and welcoming. NTC is a global and diverse community, encompassing people of many nations, cultures and denominations: being people of influence and engagement in whichever sphere they serve.

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