Mwesi Magumba

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Uganda in a town called Mukono and when I was thirteen my family moved to Manchester.

What did life look like before NTC? 

Life before NTC was scary. I use the word scary as I did not know where I was going in life or What I wanted to do or how.  I knew things had to change for me but I did not know how that was going to happen and so NTC kind just happened for me. At least at the time but God always had that in plan for me. The years leading up to NTC were tough personal with family, friends and I found myself caught up in bad circles and habits with no direction of where I wanted to be as everything I thought I wanted to do did not work out. Going to NTC changed me gave me a different perspective not just to my life, career but faith and everything started falling into place.

When did you come to NTC? 

I came September in 2011

What year did you graduate and which course did you complete?

I graduated in 2014 from the Theology: Youth Work and Ministry degree

Why did you want to study at NTC? 

At the point I was at in my life it was the right place for me to study. I was drawn firstly to the course itself. The theology youth work and ministry. Apart from coming for my interview I did not come to see the place but inside me I kind of knew this was for me and where God wanted me to be. I already knew someone there and they spoke highly of the place, people students and staff, community. This also helped me in coming to NTC. I like the structure of the course and placement aspect of it.

All this helped me mature in my learning and faith. It changed out how I looked at my life and understood what I wanted to do.

What did you enjoy/learn at college? 

I enjoyed studying there. The community aspect of NTC made it easy for me to cope with the struggles of learning and being away from home. I enjoyed getting to know the staff and the support they offered me which I am very grateful for. The students who were all selfless in supporting one another as we all journeyed together, growing and learning both academically and spiritually. Leaning with students from different backgrounds, walks life ages and everything. Getting out of my comfort zone trying thing I would never have tried and having new experiences.

How did this change/shape you?

All this helped me mature in my learning and faith. It changed out how I looked at my life and understood what I wanted to do. It shaped me in my approach to others in particular around multi cultures. It shaped how I worship how I look at my faith.
What happened after you graduated?

After graduation I was taken on full-time where I was for my placement in Rochdale.

Where are you now and what are you doing? 

I am currently working in Rochdale as a part time youth worker. I also work full time as a Teaching Assistant at the Manchester Federation of EBSD schools. I still live in Rochdale where my whole family lives.

How are you living out your faith in your job?

I’m living my faith by serving those that I work with. Serving the young people I work with and my colleagues and being there letting God do the rest.

Anything else you’d like to share?

NTC was great and I am grateful for everyone who journeyed with my through my time there and for their continued support.