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Study Abroad

Expand your horizons! Enjoy learning in a culturally diverse setting, meet people from all over the world, and make life-long friends – all while getting college credit.

My time at NTC was the experience I needed during my college years. It not only challenged and stretched me, but also helped to affirm confidence in myself and my faith!
Christy, Illinois, USA

What is Study Abroad?

Our student community at NTC is an international one – every year we have students from upwards of thirty nationalities studying with us, and that’s something we want to encourage and nurture! Study Abroad is a chance for students from universities and colleges around the world to come and study with us here in Manchester for a semester as part of their degree programme. 

Our Autumn term dates run from mid-September to mid-December, and Spring term runs from early February through to early May. You would be here in the UK for one of those semesters (and maybe a little extra, if you have some travelling and sightseeing to do!) attending lectures, helping on placement in the local area, and living in fellowship with our on-site community of resident students.

What can I study?

The modules we offer change a little each year, but the core of the curriculum remains the same: a full range of classes in Biblical Studies, Theology & Church History, and Practical & Social Theology for first, second, and third year undergraduate students. There are also specialist classes in a range of subjects, from Youth Work practice, to Pastoral Care, to Biblical languages. Every term we also run Contemporary Issues classes looking at a different hot-button topics: Christian responses to homelessness, issues in community development, and anti-racist practice to name just a few recent subjects.

Most of our modules are 10 credits in the UK system, which typically translates to 3 credit hours in the US, so most study abroad students take four or five classes while they’re with us. We make arrangements with your home institution so your classes here can be applied directly to your degree programme, and we’ll sit down with you and your academic advisor to make sure you’re able to take a range of classes that are applicable to your studies. 

The decision to study abroad at NTC was one of the best ones I’ve made, and I’m truly grateful for my time there. Not only did it change the course of my life, but it also helped shape and broaden my perspective. Plus I formed lasting friendships all over the world. If I hadn’t taken that step in faith, I would have missed out on many of my life’s big adventures! Rachel, California, USA

Why Manchester?

Apart from all that NTC, local churches, and organisations have to offer, Manchester is an experience all by itself! It is home to a wide range of museums, galleries, and English cultural heritage sites, as well as hosting a vibrant arts and music scene: both the local area and the wider cityscape are dotted with independent venues for gigs, exhibitions, and a dizzying array of coffee and food choices.

It also makes a great jumping-off point if you want to explore the UK or further afield. Regional and national train and bus services can ferry you to historic walled cities like Chester and York, the hustle and bustle of London, or the gentle natural beauty of the Lake District. If you’ve set your sights a little further afield, Manchester International Airport has regular budget-airline flights to destinations all over Europe – a flight to Amsterdam is just over an hour, to Copenhagen around 90 minutes, and Paris about the same, putting the whole continent at your fingertips!

What about hands-on experience?

Your in-class studies are very important, but for many study abroad students, getting out and experiencing the local culture and community are equally vital. That’s why we offer ‘mini-placements’ as part of your study abroad adventure: a chance to work in mission, ministry, and outreach with the churches, charities, or para-church organisations that are making a difference . 

Manchester is an incredibly diverse urban and suburban city, with all the challenges and opportunities that come along with that, and the organisations you could partner with are equally diverse. If you are interested, our Placement team will chat with you to find out a bit more about you, your skills and experience, and what you’re hoping to gain from your placement, so that we can match you with something that is right for you and for the group you’ll be working with.

Where will I live?

While many of our students are internationally-based, or from the wider Manchester area, a core group of our undergraduate students live on-campus each year in our student accommodation, which is where you’ll be based too! There are around thirty students living on site, along with our Chaplain and Warden, making for an active and vibrant little enclave.

All our student rooms are single-occupancy and en suite – we know some parts of the world love the roommate system, but it just hasn’t ever quite caught on in the UK! Students have shared common room and kitchen spaces, and everything is self-catered, so you may go home with some international cooking skills and recipes that you didn’t expect. 

Who will I study and live with?

Manchester is an international and eclectic city, and the NTC community reflects that. Students come from all over the city, the wider United Kingdom, and all parts of the world; from every age, background, and walk of life. You’ll share the campus with fellow undergraduates, as well as MA and PhD students from a range of faith traditions.

We gather for Chapel every week during term, with students helping to plan our services and ministering to one another. We also gather as Pastoral Care Groups – tutor groups with students and faculty just to chat through the week, classes, and life in general together. There are also social and spiritual events hosted by our Student Council, regular events at local churches, and always something going on in the wider Manchester community.

What will it cost?

Our agreements with other institutions aim for you to pay tuition and other fees out of what you would normally pay your home university for studying. Tuition Fees come to £4750 for the term, and accommodation is around £1740. We tend to keep our fee arrangements as simple as possible, so you shouldn’t find any other hidden fees to make your life complicated. You’ll still need to find your way to Manchester, of course (we recommend flying, though a slow boat in the summer can be very enjoyable …) and think about what funds you’ll need to do any additional travelling while you’re here. You’ll also want to budget in money for food (it’s important) as NTC is all self-catered, though exactly how much depends on just how stylishly you’re accustomed to living!


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