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Take up and Read

Blog — 10th September 2018

Are we Listening? 


John 10:14-16


The best coaches in the word know how to get the best from their individual team members. When I played football my coach knew that in order to get the best from me he needed to encourage me. He would often put his arm around me before a game and remind me of a previous good performance. Or he would tell me that he knows I’m a better player than the striker I will be up against in the game. He knew that I needed that encouragement. Others are different however. There are some who respond well to criticism. They need that on-going feedback to push on for better, to strive towards perfection. There are those who respond well to pressure and stress and there are also those who like to remain in their comfort zone and perform best under familiarity and routine. Individuals perform differently under different situations and the best coaches in the world know exactly what each of their team members need.

One of the things I love about scripture is that although it was written in a specific time and place, by a specific individual for a specific audience and speaking to a specific situation, I have often read it and felt the assurance that God was saying to me exactly what I needed for my specific situation. The Bible is no ordinary book, it is alive and it is God’s word to His people both yesterday and today. God uses it to speak to us and give us exactly what we need, when we need it. It speaks words of encouragement, but also words of correction. It speaks of times of trial and adventure and hardship but it also speaks of peace and calm assurance.

When God speaks to His people, he knows exactly what they need. He knows what to say, when to say it and how to say it. Of course he does. He created us! He knit us together before you were born and he has been with us as we have grown and as we are shaped into the people we are today. I suppose the question is. Are we listening?


“Lord, thank You that you know me. Thank You that You know what I need and thank You that You speak to me through Your Word. Help me to use it to hear Your voice every day.”


“Take Up and Read” is our Weekly NTC Devotional, written by various members of the NTC Staff and Faculty. We hope it blesses you.