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Take Up and Read

Blog — 6th August 2018

Thank you for your Church


Romans 12:3-8


A mosaic is a collection of uniquely shaped and often broken shards of stone or tile, that when pieced together in a particular way, resembles a work of art displaying beauty, colour and creativity. I often wonder if, as Jesus builds His Church, He has mosaics in mind.

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts God gave to the world was His Church. The Church is, like mosaics, made up of a collection of individually unique but broken people, who when brought together and live and work in unity, display love and hope and justice and peace. The Church, when working in the way that it should, is beautiful. It is God’s chosen vessel for fulfilling His mission on the earth and as a result, the Church is the hope of the world!

We all have a role to play in the Church. When we come to Christ, we are welcomed into the family of God and take up our unique role within the body working in unity with our brothers and sisters and with the Spirit of God. Anyone found to be working against the unity of the Church is found to be working against God Himself. Christ longs for unity in His Church.

Christ loves His Church. That is why He gave Himself up for Her. It is His Bride and He is coming back for Her. To reject the Church and our brothers and sisters who are a part of Her is to reject Christ Himself.


“Lord, thank You for the gift of Your Church. Help me to fulfil my calling in the Church. Give me Your love for the Church.”

“Take Up and Read” is our Weekly NTC Devotional, written by various members of the NTC Staff and Faculty. We hope it blesses you.