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The Sydney Martin Lecture: The Future of the Past!

Event — 5th May 2021

The Sydney Martin Lecture 2021

The Future of the Past!

Preserving, Valuing and Passing on the Legacy of African Caribbean Pentecostal Congregational Worship

Presented by: Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie – Director of the Centre for Black Theology, The Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham

Date and Times: Monday 28th June, 7:00 – 8.30pm

What is a legacy of African Caribbean Pentecostalism (ACP) that is yet to be realised in social consciousness and in the academy? In this lecture, Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie will appraise a conduit of an African Caribbean Pentecostal past and the development of Black gospel music in 21st century Britain, to explore questions about the legacy of ACP congregational worship. Central to this discourse is a consideration of the influence of ACP liturgical practices that resolutely nurtured the musical talents and aspirations of its congregants, in particular, the children and young people. Whilst collective participation in ACP congregational worship was encouraged, it was consequential. Many congregants developed unique skills in singing and music, and dedicated participation unwittingly fostered a range of viable skills that would be employed to pioneer Black gospel music as a religious musical art form in Britain. This lecture will show how particular socio-cultural and liturgical practices of African Caribbean Pentecostalism are the antecedents to Black gospel music in Britain.

Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie has been at Queen’s since September 2014, and works primarily with students from Black majority Pentecostal churches. Dulcie is passionate about seeing a new generation of church leaders and ministers taking up the opportunity to engage in advanced theological studies. Dulcie’s qualifications are in social sciences and first trained as a psychiatric nurse and then as a social worker before working as a probation officer, which included a ‘stretch’ in two prisons. She then went into FE and HE teaching and training in health and social care, and her main teaching areas were research and equality, diversity & rights.

The Nazarene Lifelong Learning code for Sydney Martin Lecture is 71202

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