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Homepage Feature — 3rd May 2023

Transforming our Technology – Principal’s Project 2023-25

Donate to the Principal’s Project

Over the years the theme of our fundraising has been about making NTC fully accessible: a place where people can come, learn, grow, engage, connect and find themselves stretched into learning. The more we’ve created ways of people being able to get into places, and be fully dignified and able to participate, the more we’ve had students from a variety of circumstances discover that we are a college that is for them.

Our current Principal’s Project extends our accessibility by investing in a wide range of technology to support our learning environment. From new energy efficient boilers, to cameras for our online classes, to boosting our WiFi to enable smooth fire systems in our buildings (for a mind boggling £30,000) – tech is shaping us heavily and helps us keep our doors open. Our mission of serving, equipping and connecting people continues and we’re doing everything we can to extend our provision and reach around the world in new ways – including online delivery for our online BA and MA programmes. Our hope is to revamp our tech world – essentially, taking our campus and ramping it up in all kinds of ways to help us serve the student body both here and around the world as we shift towards online. It may be this doesn’t sound as exotic as some of our projects, since it’s more of less invisible to the naked eye, but investment in our present technology and infrastructure will enable us to reach new audiences in new ways from a sound campus.

  • Sponsor IT Infrastructure Development: £5 – £25
  • Sponsor a Computer Upgrade: £25 – £100
  • Sponsor a Classroom Upgrade: £50 – £500
  • Sponsor our Boiler Replacement: £100 – £1,000

Note: you can donate any amount to any of these categories. These are simply suggested donations based on the amount needed for the general categories.

Donate to the Principal’s Project

A note for North American donors: Due to the different tax regulations, Canadians wanting to claim donations on their taxes will need to use the form below. Americans wanting to claim their donations on their taxes can donate to NTC through the Nazarene Foundation. If you are not bothered about claiming your donation, we recommend giving through the “donate to the principal’s project” button above. To claim your donation, use Nazarene Foundation website online donation form and select Nazarene Theological College – Manchester DAF from the drop-down ‘Designation’ menu. Note that this is an external site.

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