Practical and Social Theology Course Units

General Humanities

AS4110 Communications 2: Faith and the Media

The aim of this module is to equip students theologically to critique their cultural contexts and to understand the role of media in shaping them.

AS4120 English Literature 1

A survey of English Literature from Beowulf to Jane Austen which reads literature with critical perception, through awareness of historical context and of literary genre.

AS5210 Theological German 1

To introduce students to the German language as a foundation for academic study of German texts.

AS6300 Research Methods – BA Dissertation (30 credits)

Supports the student through the BA dissertation, from formulating the proposal to final submission.

Social Theology

ST4141 Missional Leadership and Disciple-Making Cultures

This unit explores an approach to leadership that fosters an overall ethos of discipleship, set in the context of missional objectives as they relate to church ministry, work, and the personal life of the leader

ST4150 Youth and Community Work and Ministry: Essentials

This unit will help the student to examine the historical development of youth and community work and ministry, including current issues and policies; explore methodologies and styles of youth and community work and ministry; identify curriculum models; develop an awareness of political and theological perspectives on youth and community; and gain an understanding of the professional standards expected in the National Occupational Standards and professional validation bodies.

PT4170 Power and Anti-Oppressive Practice

The primary focus will be on learning through reflection on experience, study, learning and personal growth. Through the course method of paired listening and self-directed study, student will be encouraged to explore themselves, their values, their practice, power dynamics, other people’s perspectives and relevant theory from a range of authors with the aim of helping students to explore ways of working which fosters equality of opportunity, respect, autonomy and human well-being.

ST4180 Contexts of Mission

An introduction to identifying contexts of mission (primarily in the UK) through evaluating contextualisation issues, current trends and localised factors. The course will enable students to learn how to identify diverse contexts and challenges of mission and respond through appropriate methods and relevant organisational structures.

ST5250 Religions in Contemporary Britain

An introduction to the theme of religion from the perspective of the social sciences with particular attention to the religious characteristics of multicultural Britain.

ST5260 Youth and Community Work and Ministry: Approaches

This unit will explore the methods used in the practice of youth and community work and ministry. Examples of relevant approaches include: group work exercises, one-to-one work, and mentoring.

ST5303 Cross Cultural Ministry in Biblical Perspectives

The course unit sets out to examine the nature of culture and its relation to the Gospel in the context of Christian ministry. The unit will examine critical issues in the contexts of cross-cultural ministry from biblical perspectives.

ST5370 Informal Education

An examination of the concepts and practices of Informal Education and their relevance and application to youth work.

ST6300 Missiology Seminar

A seminar dealing with a range of topics in Mission Studies.

ST6305 Social Justice

An exploration of the basis for social responsibility in the context of the mission of the church.

ST6304 Missiology

A critical examination of the biblical and theological presuppositions of mission and their effect on the methods and strategies of mission.

ST6320 Strategy and Management

An examination of youth work principles and practice, a study of statutory youth work, and an introduction to community resources for adolescents.

ST6330 Islam in Contemporary Britain

A consideration of modern Islam, particularly in Britain. Prerequisite: ST5250 or permission of the lecturer.

ST6350 Youth and Community Work and Ministry: Applications

This unit will explore how the values and practices associated with youth and community work and ministry may be applied in various types of work. Examples of relevant applications include: working with children; community development; adult learning; detached work and school’s work.

ST4190/6390 Contemporary Issues

A critical examination of a chosen contemporary issue from a Christian perspective.

Practical Theology

PT4103 Theology and Models of Evangelism

This unit explores the missional practice of evangelism by examining theological and biblical foundations and critiquing a range of evangelistic models.PT4130 Spiritual Formation

A study of the voluntary responses of the individual believer to the saving grace of God in Christ which in turn results in a conscious relationship with God through the indwelling Holy Spirit and is demonstrated in the community of believers and to the world.

PT4180 Understanding People

This unit will draw on perspectives of theology and the social sciences to enable students to understand and critically reflect on models of human development and community development within the context of youth and community work and Christian ministry.

PT4192 Preparing for Professional Practice

This unit introduces students to the professional requirements and skills involved in youth and community practice. This includes personal time management, critical and theological reflection on practice, safeguarding and child protection, ethical expectations, health and safety and continual professional development.

PT4193 Youth and Community Work Placement 1

This unit provides students with the opportunity to learn the initial skills involved in youth and community work and ministry whilst undertaking supervised practice and classroom-based learning.

PT5203 Preaching

A combination of sermon laboratory and sermon clinic followed by critical evaluation of content, construction and delivery.

PT5210 Pastoral Care and Theology

An introduction to Christian pastoral care principles and techniques, with a particular focus on the local congregation.

PT5220 Growing Healthy Churches

An examination of the growth and development of the local congregation from the perspective of Church Growth theory.

PT5280 Empowering People

Students will consider philosophical, theological, counselling and developmental concepts and seek to integrate them into a holistic model of pastoral care specifically related to adolescents. The implications of the module for practice in a placement setting will be examined throughout the unit.

PT5250 Church Polity and Practice

A consideration of church polity and practice, with particular attention to church regulation, administration, and ritual.

PT5290 Practice-Based Learning

This course gives students the opportunity to undertake field-based learning in a supervised ministry environment. 

PT5292 Alternative Placement

This unit provides students with the opportunity to develop the skills involved in youth and community work and ministry whilst undertaking supervised practice in a setting distinctly different to their other placement(s). Prerequisites: PT4192, PT4193.

PT5293 Youth and Community Work Placement 2

This unit provides students with the opportunity to learn the intermediate skills involved in youth and community work and ministry whilst undertaking supervised practice and classroom-based learning. Prerequisites: PT4192, PT4193.

PT5290 Professional and Reflective Practice

This unit offers essentials of Practical Theology. It accompanies the Practice-based Learning unit and provides a foundation for the experience of placement.  Its aim is two-fold:  to enable students to develop personal and pastoral requisites for ministry and to equip students to engage in and develop the habit of continual reflection on experience using the model of the pastoral cycle.

PT5310 Christian Leadership

The module will develop an understanding of Christian Leadership appropriate for the twenty-first century.

PT5330 Marriage and the Family

An examination of current trends within society where a biblical view of marriage and family are concerned. An exploration of the pressures faced by marriage and family in the 21st Century.

PT6302 Theology of Mission

A Theology of Mission is concerned with theological perspectives from the standpoint of Christian faith that shape and inform the motives, framework, methods, strategy and goals of the Christian world mission.

PT6305 New Forms of Church

An exploration and evaluation of new models of Church, and the theological issues that shape them, to enable students to develop skills and practices that allow them to engage in this aspect of mission.

PT6320 Starting Healthy Churches

A critical examination of church planting as a major strategy for church growth.

PT6340 Studies in Contemporary Spirituality

This unit examines the concept of spirituality in a contemporary diverse, multicultural Western setting, with a particular focus on the British context.

PT6370 Worship and Sacraments

An examination of the nature and form of Christian worship including specific attention to hymnology and church music.

PT6393 Youth and Community Work Placement 3

This unit provides students with the opportunity to learn the professional-level skills involved in youth and community work and ministry whilst undertaking supervised practice and classroom-based learning. Prerequisites: PT4192, PT4193, PT5293.


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